Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's Party Time!

One more week of work at SummerHill Realty, and it's PARTY TIME! I've decided that I'm going to party as hard as I can before I got to go off to Singapore for university orientation on 21st July!

Since all the UK people and the Aussie people are coming back for break real soon, it's going to be on hell of a fun time!

But before I start partying like crazy with all my dear friends who are coming back for their break, there's still one group of people that I would so love to hang out with before I got to leave for university.

The Crazy Bunch.

Yup, you guessed right! It's my beloved (ex-) students of DJ!

That's why Tysern, Chongxian and myself are organizing a big party for all our DJ (ex-) students this coming Saturday!

I know that our timing is a little off as the holidays are just over, but we were really busy with things we had to do then.

So here are the details:

Who's invited: All of Mr. Kevin's, Mr. Chuah's and Mr. Tysern's students from DJ!

Date: 14th June 2008, Saturday.

Time: 5.ooPM onwards.

Venue: To be confirmed soon, dependent on the number of respondents.

There will be games, music and a whole lot of fun! Tysern is in charge of games and music, and I know that with Tysern around, it's definitely going to be fun!

Since everybody and anybody from DJ is invited, this will be a potluck party and it would be really great if everyone can bring a little something to share! The three of us will be preparing the drinks and some basic food, but we're really looking forward to tasting what you people are going to bring! Girls, here is where you show off your cooking skills!

Please confirm your attendance by commenting the post on Mr. Chuah's blog about this party as he's in charge of the guestlist! I'll put up the link to that post here soon after he puts it up. Make sure you confirm your attendance soon (by Thursday) so we can get all the necessary arrangements ready.

If you're one of my students from DJ and reading this, do two things:

1. Make your Saturday free for this party and register by commenting on Mr. Chuah's blog post!


2. Tell all your friends in school about it! The more the merrier!

I'll be fun, I tell you, so don't miss it!


For my (slightly) older friends, I haven't forgotten you kay? I'm eagerly waiting for all of you to come back so we can party too! My place is always free for a party! We'll have one big one soon when all of you are back!

Feel really hyper tonight and just really want to dance to loud music all night long but it's no fun without you guys! So come back and let the parties begin!