Thursday, June 12, 2008

A little announcement from Mr. Chuah.

A little announcement from Mr. Chuah (

Just a quick reminder to those who are still undecided=)

Who's invited: All of Mr. Kevin's, Mr. Chuah's and Mr. Tysern's students from DJ!

Date: 14th June 2008, Saturday.

Time: 5.ooPM onwards.

Venue: Field in Damansara Utama, near the Nursery(SS21)

We will get a detailed map out on my blog very very soon!So please be patient!

Yes I shall reveal the dress code for the party!! XD

For the Guys, you are required to wear a decent,revealing,skimpy singlet with any of your favourite colour!Wait a minute, singlets are already revealing, skimpy and definitely not decent!
Mr Tysern is going to wear this on that day! Suits his personality, a sicko

Or you can choose to be like Mr Kevin, all buffed up with his chest muscles!

And of course, you can be decent like me, holy like cheese! O.O *the singlet is too tight till my tits pops out-_-*

Don't worry girls, we didn't leave you out as well! =)

Since we didn't have female models, you girls are required to wear a top with cartoon or kiddy characters! Example, you can wear a Sailermoon top, or even our all time favourite character, BARNEY! O.O

Prizes will be given to the best dressed male and female! So don't miss out! And of course don't be a party pooper!!Let's try to make the dress code thing to work out for the first time!*from my experience, most people wont come dressed, oh well!! please do us a favour okay? =)*

One more thing, please confirm our attendance on my blog!! We need to estimate the amount of food to be prepared on that day! And yes, if you are planning to bring any food, please tell us what are you bringing=)

Many thanks!

- Chuah Chongxian


We spent all last night planning this party at Tysern's place, so trust me that it's going to be good! Confirm ASAP so that we can prepare enough food for all!

It's going to be worth it!

Think about it, in which other party would you get to see us three in singlets?

Make sure I see you there!