Monday, October 13, 2008

Southwest Airlines

The module that I am taking now that excites me the most is Marketing. I really find it so much fun! I just love the whole process of coming up with a novel new strategy to market something. It just fulfills my inner need to express myself creatively!

And it's just great to work with teammates that get as excited over the project as much as I do - it just makes the whole marketing process feel like play! And presenting it all tomorrow is just going to be fun!

This is just how wacky my teammates are!

Introducing, the founding fathers (and mother) of Southwest airlines!

Didn't I say earlier that marketing was fun?


ChongX said...

i seee lifeeeeeeeeee!!! :)
eh must teach me how you take that pic of yourself xD

Kevin Chan said...

Come visit me and I'll teach you how lah! Hahah. (: