Monday, April 28, 2008

Make DJ proud, team!

The internet connectivity in my area has been ridiculously mercurial these last couple of days - one moment it's on, and the other it stops working for hours and hours on end. But then again I digress.

Here we are, and as I am typing this post, the debaters are rushing to pack their bags and preparing for bed, getting ready for the big debate battle that we have on our hands tomorrow. Tomorrow the team I'm coaching, the debaters from SMK Damansara Jaya are proudly representing Petaling Utara in the state level of the Wira Debate in Kuala Selangor.

We'll be facing the champions of the Klang district tomorrow afternoon and if we make it through, we'll be just two debates away from clinching the title of state champion. We'll be then staying the night at Kuala Selangor, in an apartment that Pn. Koh has taken the liberty to book for our use so that we'll be fresh and ready for our two more debates the next morning. We've prepared really hard and we're all praying really hard that SMK Damansara Jaya would be able to represent Selangor this year int he Wira Debate.

Selangor, if we do, we will not let you down. DJ-ians go all the way in everything that we do, and that's exactly the spirit we're going to bring into each and every one of our debates. We'll go all the way team, as all DJ-ians, both current and ex-students, are standing behind you! Go team, we're going ALL THE WAY THIS YEAR! ALL THE WAY!

Friday, April 25, 2008

More scribbles from the bilik tayangan.

Guess that sometimes our artistic side only emerges after stressful periods. *BLINKS EYES*

Kevin and Keefe.

It's Friday already! We still got the weekends and Monday to work on the cases team! We can do it!

And I got this from Sophia's blog. It's just such a sweet photo!

The Team.

Movie outing on me if we make it as state champions! We're going to all go out and have good fun soon! Give it your all team, we're all right behind you!

And yes, I didn't get that damned law interview. Maybe it's for the best, cause now I have the weekend free to help my team! We'll make it through!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Brother, the artist.

Preparing for the upcoming Wira debate is all that I have been doing these couple of days, and we're giving it our very, very best.

John meditating on debate points.

But debating's not all about world issues and definitions. Not all the time that is.

That's Calvin, and he's holding a mighty big Rubik's cube!

Yes, debate sometimes can mean playing with big Rubik's cube when everyone else is stressing and trying to get their speeches right!

Let me get this straight okay, debate ain't all about boring speech writing and monotonous speech rehearsals! It's about great, close friendship forged deep inside the bilik tayangan. It's about having friends who'll you'll stay close with for years to come. It's the truth!

And it's also about temporal bouts of artistic insanity. It's the truth!

(Art done by Keefe.)






And yes, he especially loves me, because he made my picture *EXTRA NICE*.


Of course we had to get back at him. So we all chipped in to come up with something...... suitable.


Told you it was suitable!

Keep on working debaters! We're going to go ALL the way this year! IT'S THE TRUTH!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to Get your Ex-Girlfriend back!

Got a random email from Stylelife, and it made a good deal of sense.

How to Get your Ex-Girlfriend back!
by Gypsy

I couldn't make her understand. Tears were in her eyes and a
wall in her mind blocked my logic. She didn't want me here
pleading in her living room anymore. She loved me, but she
wanted me gone. The more I stayed the more I hurt. Yet the
pain was all that I had left of our relationship. And if I was
here then I wasn't alone yet. It delayed me facing the
emptiness, along with the sleepless nights, the lack of
appetite, the piles of laundry, the stale air of my house
from being shut in for days and then weeks.

We had broken up before, several times to be honest. But,
this time carried with it a taste of finality, like acid in
the back of our throats. I hated the thought of now becoming
just me, and no longer a guy with a girlfriend. How would I
do it? How would she...well, she had that other guy, so I
guess that made things easier for her. I wouldn't be so
lucky. I would become single. I would have to call the
buddies that I neglected all too often to spend frivolous
time with her. We would have to go out into the unwelcoming
weekend nights, into the jungles of bars and clubs of
downtown Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale. We'd get drunk and
roll the dice, and always miss more than we ever hit.

I wanted to be done looking. Damn it! I didn't want to go
back out there. I didn't want to take the lessons I learned
with her and try to apply them to a different person at a
different time. If she would just listen, I'd look past her
cheating, I had once already. But she couldn't hear past
that wall she raised upon which the dreams of our future
became tiny insignificant bug splats.

That night ended and the lines of what I should have said
rolled through my head like an endless scrolling LED sign. I
talked to everyone I could. I found counsel with friends and
tried to stay busy. Still she haunted me through life. I
found her hair when I washed my pillow cases. I had to say
her name when I canceled our dance lessons. This song or
that song was the one she'd burned to a CD for me. Her
MySpace said "Single" now. The necklace she gave me burned
heart-shaped scab into my chest. The hole she once filled
was all I had left and willingly I fell into it each day.

Eventually, I came here. I stumbled upon Neil's book and
chandeliers of ideas exploded in my head. The question
etched itself more boldly on my brain as I turned each page:
Would it all work on her?




"Hey, it's me."

"I know."

"Pick a number between 1 and 10 but don't say what it is."


"It's 7, right?"

"Yeah, what!? How did you..."

"I think I'm becoming psychic."

"Whatever. No you're not."

"Yeah, I went to this palm-reading lady and she had me do
this intuitive test called The Cube. I think it made me

"Really, what was it?"

"Well, it's called The Cube and it tells you all about
yourself in a few questions. So first question..."

I demonstrated higher value, I disqualified, I elicited
values, I showed pre-selection, I sank neuro-linguistic
programming anchors every chance I got, and I built jealousy
plotlines like the ancient Egyptians build pyramids. To her
I became the all new attractive and exciting model of me. We
were together again, watching movies, having dinner, taking
road trips, and screwing like rabbits might on the night
before bunny Armageddon.

Almost a perfect story, but I couldn't keep it up forever. I
had only whitewashed the exterior of a rotting house. Inside
I was still hurt and unconfident. I juggled a good game for
a few months and then the bottom dropped out. And this time
our biting actions and burning words scarred our memories of
each other forever.

Now, many of you like I, came here for her, that one girl
that you are broken for. Often I am asked "How do I get her
back?" And yes I know the prescription for your affliction,
it's my own design. Yet to take that pill into your heart
is to invite doom there. It is the sin of vanity to seek to
resuscitate that which has died, to create your own
relationship monster of Frankenstein. The truth is that if
you manage to get her back it will self-destruct again.
There's too much hurt surrounding you both to make it right.

I know this truth doesn't dispel the hurt. In fact, it takes
some hard work on your part to move past it, but, you can
make it go away forever. There is no quick fix. You can use
this community and it's teachings to spackle over your
faults, however, this never allows you to rebuild your house
of attraction to its maximum height. We have all the secrets
you wish you knew since you first wanted to kiss a girl
instead of just pull her ponytails. If you put in the time
and effort to truly learn, then you become better. You can
mold yourself to be the life of the party, the guy with
the girlfriend of his dreams, the guy not afraid to approach
any woman you are attracted to.

Today, after the hurt is over I'm glad that I had her. I'm
glad that together we ripped a hole in my heart because
without it I wouldn't have met all of you. I wouldn't have
learned to be the man I am today. So embrace the pain and
make it the fuel that lights your fire of self-improvement.
Don't go after her and re-open the dark door of hurt, it
always ends one way.

Thank you Marlene.
That is so true. I guess things happen for a reason, and like Pn. Mag said, our most painful failures in life can turn out to be our greatest teachers, molding us into the people we are meant to be.

My dearest friends and my most cherished students, thank you for making me see that silver lining. You guys were my silver lining. Thank you.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The boy who talked too much.

When I was younger and still in primary school, my friends (and teachers alike) always knew me as the boy who talked just a little too much. I always had something to say about anything and everything. I am a naturally curious person and you could always see my hand flying up first in the air during lessons. Teachers would be bogged down with my questions and would many a time tell me to keep my questions to myself back then.

My natural aptitude for speaking and inclination for the spotlight has led me to naturally end up as an active public speaker, and eventually a school debater in my secondary school years. I loved speaking up and talking to people, I just did.

In college, my thirst for knowledge and aptitude for critical thinking led me to take up the new A-level subject offered in Singapore, Knowledge and Inquiry, after a very stringent selection process. Knowledge and Inquiry is a subject that throws philosophy, epistemology and the various modes of human inquiry together and forces us to look at the very fundamentals of how we construct knowledge in our everyday lives. It was in this new environment where I was given a chance to hone my writing skills and put my analytical and thinking skills I picked up through debating to the next level. I thrived doing that subject; for once, school really made me think and ponder about the nature of our reality. It made me see the world in a different light.

I continued my debating career well through college. I managed to secure a representative spot in the college’s debating team, which had only one spot for a foreign student, after overcoming stiff competition from other students, both Singaporeans and fellow foreign students alike.

To be honest, I really had no idea what I wanted to do or pursue after I was done with my A-levels. I have always seen myself as a multidisciplinary person – a renaissance man of sorts – equally adept at either arts or science subjects. I am naturally inquisitive and love learning about the world at large. The downside was that I had no idea what sort of course would be right for me - they all looked equally interesting. The many choices before me only added to my confusion.

Then a miracle happened.

I got a call, offering me a job as a teacher in the secondary school that I was from as they were short on teachers. I gladly took up the offer.

I was made to teach all sorts of subjects, ranging from English, Moral Knowledge to even Art. It seemed daunting at first, walking into a class without any teaching experience, but something inside me lit up when I first saw the faces of my students listening attentively when I walked in class to teach – my students appreciated and needed me.

I taught them not because it was something my headmistress required of me, but because I wanted to give them my all. I went the extra mile for them and they showed me that they appreciated it. I received little notes telling me how they enjoyed my lectures; comments on my blog telling me that they were going to miss me when I had to go. I was actually making a difference in the lives of my students.

For once in my life, I truly felt satisfied. It was not because of personal achievement or material gain, but because I have discovered joy in serving others.

At about the same time when I was teaching, another event changed my outlook on life – the Malaysian general elections. I was fed up with my government. I loved my country, but I hated the corruption so rife in our government; I resented the fact that students far less academically qualified than me received government scholarships while so many like me were just forgotten. I wanted change, but few believed it was possible.

“The ruling coalition is just too powerful,” they told me. This did not deter me. I made my message for change clear to my friends and family, persuading them to believe in change. It became apparent to me that whatever I am to do in life, I want to bring about positive change in the lives of others.

It made me realize – I want to serve. I want to ensure that justice prevails. I want to ensure that kids in rural areas are not deprived of a proper education. It made me see that I wanted to be a law student – a person well versed with convincing arguments and knowledge of the legal system so that one day, the boy that once talked too much can be someone who spoke out for those who can’t speak, who could stand up for those too weak to stand.

The boy that once talked too much finally saw how he fit in life's grand scheme.

*this was one of my scholarship application essays (:

Edit: *SCREAMS!* why is the law interview letter not here yet when the interviews are during the coming weekend! *SCREAMS!*

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wira Debate - All the way from here.

We've come too far to go back now.

For the past month or so, I have been coaching the Wira debate team of DJ and I am proud to say that we have made it through 4 grueling debates so far.

And here we are, currently representing PJ Utara and we just have 3 more debates to go to become state champions. And thats really something.

We've got a good team this year, and we've got people around who are willing to spend their time coaching the team this year. If the team puts in their all, we've got a really good chance to go all the way this year, all the way to the national finals.

I just hope that they really appreciate the opportunity that they have this year, this year's Wira team, and that they give it their best shot. Opportunities like this don't come every day. Hope you guys know that.

Work hard team! Just a bit more to achieve something you'll remember all your life!

Trust me guys, when I say victory tastes good. It's just so sweet and I'm praying so hard that we'll make it this year. We're all praying for you guys - Mr. Andrew Loh, John, Mark, Adeline, Kalkena... Once a DJ debater, always a DJ debater.

So, Keefe, Zafirah, Jayshendra, Daryl, Sophia, Rachel and Calvin, I hope that you guys will work hard to seize this opportunity - it's one that only comes once in a lifetime. I also hope that you'll take back more from this debate than just the trophy at the end of the day, but you guys grow as debaters and public speakers, and more importantly, grow even closer as true friends. I can honestly say that I've made really good friends through debate, and that all the stressed up times we had in the 'Bilik Tayangan' really brought us so much closer together (remember Black Maria, John?)!

So team, please put in your 100% into debate for these few more rounds till we reach the national finals. You will so NOT regret it when we bring that beautiful trophy back for the third time.

Here are the next 3 motions that we'll have to prepare for the next round of debating on the 29th and 30th of April:
  • THBT the heart is more powerful than the brain.
  • THBT the future of our world is in the hands of the technologists, not the naturalist.
  • THBT the growing sense of individualism is the root cause of the disintegration of today's marriages.
Email me please anybody has insights on these 3 motions! Any help would be greatly appreciated! We've got to go all the way this year people, we just have to!

What Mayshi drew for me after we won the Taylor's debate. (:

And I guess Mayshi was right - again, I'm with debating, my old flame again. We'll go all the way together this year, ALL THE WAY!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Three very special ladies.

I'm really happy.

It was a really short, rushed trip to Singapore but it really opened my eyes to how much I've missed my close friends back there.

In my 24 hours there, I am proud to say that I have met up with quite a large number of close friends but today I would like to write about the 3 closest female friends I have back there and I just felt so happy and thankful to have the opportunity to meet up with them.

Presenting the three really important ladies in my life that hail from Singapore!

These three give the best hugs ever! *Love!* Miss you girls so much!

1. Maria "Hamlet" Gimik

Our rooftop escapade.

I spent nearly every single school day in JC with her and it just feels so weird not having her around as shes still busy working for G-Star raw.

Started calling her Hamlet one fine day in Mrs. Leow's chemistry class because she had this whole boyish Victorian pageboy look. The name stuck. And we came up with the name for our rock band if ever decide to form one. Hamlet's Heroes is the name. She's Hamlet and I'm the good looking hero. (: You're my inspiration babe.

Maria is my ultimate shopping buddy because we share similar tastes in fashion and style. Love the way she keeps making me buy cool stuff I don't need. We'll go to Koh Samui alright? That's one thing we're not going to mess up. And we're going to have the funnest time ever. Promise.

We're both crazy posers.
"I know now why God was being funny, and put me in a scholar's class. T'was to meet you."
-Hamlet, said as "When my guitar gently weeps" gently played in the background.

2. Jasmine "Twin" Tan

My twin and I (and a hat).

Sometimes, people are just fated to meet. Once upon a time, there was a girl who sat next to me. She thought she was really pretty. I begged to differ and seemed to have some issues with her height. Something in us just clicked and we realized that we were both very, very similar. We even shared the same Chinese surname!

She's wearing what I got her for her birthday!

It was just so easy to talk to each other, and we became each other's confidante. She ran to me with her problems, and I ran to her with mine. She really backed me up when I ran into troubling times and I'm just so thankful to have met this twin of mine. Life's troubles are so much less scary when you just know that you have someone that will listen just a phone call away.

Come to think about it, every time we go out we end up having a good deal of good fun! Always!

3. Bernadette "The Major" Fah

The Major.

When I first watched the Ghost in the Shell series, my first thought was that the Major really resembled Bern. They're both really strong female characters who won't accept shit for an answer.

Met her in a speech competition when she impressed me with her astounding oratorical skills. Seemed to keep bumping into her after that, at KI symposiums and debate competitions.

And yes, Chin Swee Rd. (:

Bern is amazing, she's a really good friend and really listens and gives me good advice whenever I need it. I guess I need a woman of her strength to bash me into shape whenever I'm being all stupid and all. (: And she really does knock sense into me every now and then!

I still remember her telling me that I'll get through the trouble of writing my KI independent study because she doesn't take idiots for friends. Bern, I'm the same way and I really think that you are one heck of a talented girl. Sad that I can't show her art here, but her art really is amazing. Thanks for putting up with all my nonsense!

Just knowing that I have friends like you girls makes me just so happy. Take care till we meet again okay? We'll have many more happy memories together in the future! People like you make my world go round.

The interview was okay, but it was really short.

Till then, I hope you have friends as great as mine!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Fight Club

Just decided to post one of my older drawings because watching Fight Club earlier today reminds me of it.

What was I doing with my life then?

What I do when I stay up late at night.

Fight Club's an awesome movie and I encourage everyone to watch it because it serves as a good reminder on how all the extra things in life keep distracting us from living life proper. Life's short, life's precious, and life's supposed to be lived to the full. There's no point living out a half assed life anyway.

And besides, Brad Pitt looked his very best in that movie. Oh well, the male ego demands that I exercise more again. (:

Warning: If you are reading this then this warning is for you. Every word you read of this useless fine print is another second off your life. Don't you have other things to do? Is your life so empty that you honestly can't think of a better way to spend these moments? Or are you so impressed with authority that you give respect and credence to all that claim it? Do you read everything you're supposed to read? Do you think every thing you're supposed to think? Buy what you're told to want? Get out of your apartment. Meet a member of the opposite sex. Stop the excessive shopping and masturbation. Quit your job. Start a fight. Prove you're alive. If you don't claim your humanity you will become a statistic. You have been warned

- Tyler Durden, Fight Club.
Will be dropping by Singapore today for an interview. Hope that everything goes well!

Get out there and live life, NOW!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

If tomorrow never comes.

It's a fact of life - we begin to cherish things much more only when we lose them.

When things are good, it's part of our nature to only demand more, often to the point where we become frustrated with our own lives, forgetting to count the many, many blessings we have.

I said goodbye for the last time to a dear friend last Tuesday. He would be 20 this year. His name was Andrew Yap.

Andrew was working out in the gym one fine day and he had a fall, a bad fall from a chin-up bar. He hit his head bad on the floor and he passed out. The doctors did all they could to save him, and we prayed for a miracle, and we got one. Just that it wasn't exactly the one we all asked for.

Andrew Yap never did wake up, but the friends he had around him his miracle - no one can deny that someone who could make friends from far corner of the world fly back just to be with him and shave their heads bald so that they could accompany him in his baldness when he wakes up is someone magical indeed.

Attending his memorial service and listening to the eulogies that painted a picture of a life that touched so many others, reminded me of a speech I heard some time ago that Abel gave when it was his time to leave DJ.

He said that in life, people come and go. Yes, people will come into your life but as close as they are to you, the day will come when they will have to leave. It hurts to think about it, but like it or not, we're but tiny mortals in the face of fate. Anything can happen and in the end, we all have to leave.

He went on to say that the best we can do is to really cherish the time we spend with the people we love.

That opened my eyes, the stark realization that I have come to take the people I really care about for granted, and I always want the people I love to know that I really, really love them.

Only when you realize that fate can suddenly tear the people you love away from you at any given time, all the little things fall away. Petty arguments, minor disagreements, and even major slip-ups all fall away when you realize that your days with your loved ones truly are numbered.

What matters in life really isn't that prestigious degree, that giant paycheck or that monstrous bungalow, it's love.

As I look through my posts on Hamlet's Hero, I realized that my posts are mostly center about a common theme - love. Love for the people around me, my love for life and my love for my country. I always want to do my best to show the people around me that I truly care for them.

Andrew Yap, thank you for bringing us all together and reminding us of just how important love is. Take care where you are, my friend.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Still keeping busy.

I'm still really busy these days even though it was my last day as a teacher in DJ last Friday. I'm still really busy with the SMKDJ Wira debate team and we've got another big debate coming up tomorrow. I'll see if I have time to write the posts I want to write as well as to get all my Art marks done tomorrow after the debate. Just praying so hard that I am able to impart my debating experience onto my team, hopefully passing them the proverbial torch, giving rise to a new generation of debaters.

Miss you people in school so much, my students. Hope to see more of you guys soon!

Just hoping so much that we'll make it through tomorrow. We'll go all the way this year, all the way.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Of really old voters.

Guess the Bersih people were right. Got this off the Malaysian Election Commission website.

A really old voter.

Kad Pengenalan 890211050014 / 1307762
Tahun Lahir 1889
Jantina P
Lokaliti 131 / 26 / 08 / 001 - KG SEBERANG BATU HAMPAR
Daerah Mengundi 131 / 26 / 08 - PEKAN REMBAU
DUN 131 / 26 - CHEMBONG
Parlimen 131 - REMBAU
Saluran 1
Masa Mengundi 08.00 PAGI - 05.00 PETANG
No Siri 1

Now THAT is one old woman that can still vote! Did a little background check and the oldest woman alive is born in 1888! The Malaysian lifestyle must be really good for longevity.

Guess you never are too old to "vote".

And also, goodbye Andrew Yap. You may not know this, but you gave us more than we ever gave you - you made us see what friendship's really all about. Rest in peace, my friend.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Of Tabletop Dancing and Heartfelt Goodbyes.

That day finally came - my last day as a teacher in DJ.

Cards that my dear students made for me!

Dearest students,

Thank you so much for your really meaningful gifts and wonderful cards. They really mean so much to me. It's really hard, to suddenly find myself relieved of my duties of teaching you people, and I hope that you guys cherish those times.

Don't worry that those times won't come back again. There will be more in the future, I assure you that. Mr. Kevin gives you guys his word.

I'll be back.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Will you miss me when I'm gone?

Today's the last day that I'm a teacher in SMK Damansara Jaya.

Will you miss me when I'm gone?

I really am so thankful that I had such a wonderful experience here in DJ, thanks to both the teachers that I've worked with, as well as my wonderful students.

Thank you teachers for being there for us and guiding us when we needed it. Thank you for making us one of you and warmly extending your generosity to us all the time.

My dear students, it was a honor to teach you guys. My classes were always a whole lot of fun and were never boring. I just really hope that the stories about friendship and love stay close to your hearts, even long after I'm gone.

The guys of 2 Nemesu!

2 Jati!

2 Meranti loves taking my marker and drawing on the board!

Really wish you guys all the best in school and in life! Remember to always keep in touch!
Thank you all for enriching my life and giving me so many happy smiles and great memories!

Mr. Kevin signing out.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dropping the Mr. from Mr. Kevin.

It's official. If you don't know yet, here's the news.

Friday is my last day as a teacher in DJ.

What I draw in class. (:

Yesterday, Pn. Ruth came to 2 Meranti when I was sharing a story with them. She called me out and showed me a letter.

"...... guru sandaran telah diterima oleh SMK Damansara Jaya mulai 1 April 2008 ......"

Guess my supposedly more competent replacement is here at last. She wanted me to terminate work immediately but I told her that I would really want to at least say goodbye to my students. That's why I end on Friday.

And Patrick thought that I was April fooling him when I told him this yesterday.
What to do la sometimes?

And yeah, guys please pray for my dear friend Andrew who's currently in Damansara Specialist Hospital. I went there to see him earlier and I just hope that he knows that all his friends are all just wishing so hard that he wakes up.

It's going to be hard leaving all you guys that I taught for about 2 months now. It may just be two months, but I already feel like I know you guys really well now. Thank you so much for making me one of you and making my choice to come back and teach in DJ one of the best choices I've ever made in my life.

Some pics with 2 Meranti!

Also, a little extra present for you guys (from Mr. Patrick)!

Teachers, JUMP!

Aren't we the coolest teachers ever?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wake up Andrew, everybody's worried about you.

I'm just shocked, frightened, aghast, alarmed, terrified, and unnerved by something that happened to a friend of mine.

Earlier today, I got this message. It was circulating around, and I'm still praying that it's one sick April Fool's joke:

"Andrew Yap from DJ is in ICU. He fell and hit his head and his brain shifted. He's still unconscious even after the surgery. Docs say he's not recovering, please pray for him."
- Ee Fei
The feelings I felt that night when I prayed so hard that my Cambodian friend was still safe and sound somewhere despite all the rumors I heard came back.

I got to know Andrew through Add Math tuition with Mr. Lim and he always made us laugh during Add Math lessons. We still need your laughter, Andrew! Wake up soon!

Andrew and I back in 2005.

According to a close friend, Andrew fell from a chin-up bar and he fell like a brick. Because of the brain trauma, part of his skull has been removed to reduce the intercranial pressure. He hasn't been awake since his surgery. Please wake up soon Andrew.

He's currently at Damansara Specialist Hospital, ICU ward 3rd floor.

Just a conversation I had with Ern Sheong a while ago:
Ern Sheong † says:
yeah crap man this is dem serious

Mr. Kevin Chan - Hamlet's Hero says:
yeah i know

Mr. Kevin Chan - Hamlet's Hero says:
you know we complain about little things on a daily basis

Mr. Kevin Chan - Hamlet's Hero says:
like that dude that potong-ed into your lane

Ern Sheong † says:
yeah until these things happen

Mr. Kevin Chan - Hamlet's Hero says:
or students not passing up homework

Ern Sheong † says:
those things become miniscule

Mr. Kevin Chan - Hamlet's Hero says:
yeah nothing

Mr. Kevin Chan - Hamlet's Hero says:

Ern Sheong † says:
true true
Life really is precious. It really, really is. Whatever it is, wherever you are, please pray for Andrew, and make the most out of your life. Life is fragile, make the most out of it when we can. Love, don't hate.

I'm still praying real hard that this is a real sick April Fool's joke. Wake up Andrew, everybody's worried about you. We're all praying for you in every way that we can.


Saw this comment on Stefanie's blog!

9:10PM, 1 April
PTL! Have just got news from Aunty Farah that Andrew has moved his right hand. Will continue in prayers for him.
- Aunty Irene (Aunty Farah’s friend) -

Andrew, this is not going to get you down!