Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Still keeping busy.

I'm still really busy these days even though it was my last day as a teacher in DJ last Friday. I'm still really busy with the SMKDJ Wira debate team and we've got another big debate coming up tomorrow. I'll see if I have time to write the posts I want to write as well as to get all my Art marks done tomorrow after the debate. Just praying so hard that I am able to impart my debating experience onto my team, hopefully passing them the proverbial torch, giving rise to a new generation of debaters.

Miss you people in school so much, my students. Hope to see more of you guys soon!

Just hoping so much that we'll make it through tomorrow. We'll go all the way this year, all the way.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the debate thing, and remember what Nelson taught us, because Nelson is awesome. Content, strategy, and style.

Hope you'll be back in Singapore one of these days, dude. We miss you and Roger here. =p