Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Three very special ladies.

I'm really happy.

It was a really short, rushed trip to Singapore but it really opened my eyes to how much I've missed my close friends back there.

In my 24 hours there, I am proud to say that I have met up with quite a large number of close friends but today I would like to write about the 3 closest female friends I have back there and I just felt so happy and thankful to have the opportunity to meet up with them.

Presenting the three really important ladies in my life that hail from Singapore!

These three give the best hugs ever! *Love!* Miss you girls so much!

1. Maria "Hamlet" Gimik

Our rooftop escapade.

I spent nearly every single school day in JC with her and it just feels so weird not having her around as shes still busy working for G-Star raw.

Started calling her Hamlet one fine day in Mrs. Leow's chemistry class because she had this whole boyish Victorian pageboy look. The name stuck. And we came up with the name for our rock band if ever decide to form one. Hamlet's Heroes is the name. She's Hamlet and I'm the good looking hero. (: You're my inspiration babe.

Maria is my ultimate shopping buddy because we share similar tastes in fashion and style. Love the way she keeps making me buy cool stuff I don't need. We'll go to Koh Samui alright? That's one thing we're not going to mess up. And we're going to have the funnest time ever. Promise.

We're both crazy posers.
"I know now why God was being funny, and put me in a scholar's class. T'was to meet you."
-Hamlet, said as "When my guitar gently weeps" gently played in the background.

2. Jasmine "Twin" Tan

My twin and I (and a hat).

Sometimes, people are just fated to meet. Once upon a time, there was a girl who sat next to me. She thought she was really pretty. I begged to differ and seemed to have some issues with her height. Something in us just clicked and we realized that we were both very, very similar. We even shared the same Chinese surname!

She's wearing what I got her for her birthday!

It was just so easy to talk to each other, and we became each other's confidante. She ran to me with her problems, and I ran to her with mine. She really backed me up when I ran into troubling times and I'm just so thankful to have met this twin of mine. Life's troubles are so much less scary when you just know that you have someone that will listen just a phone call away.

Come to think about it, every time we go out we end up having a good deal of good fun! Always!

3. Bernadette "The Major" Fah

The Major.

When I first watched the Ghost in the Shell series, my first thought was that the Major really resembled Bern. They're both really strong female characters who won't accept shit for an answer.

Met her in a speech competition when she impressed me with her astounding oratorical skills. Seemed to keep bumping into her after that, at KI symposiums and debate competitions.

And yes, Chin Swee Rd. (:

Bern is amazing, she's a really good friend and really listens and gives me good advice whenever I need it. I guess I need a woman of her strength to bash me into shape whenever I'm being all stupid and all. (: And she really does knock sense into me every now and then!

I still remember her telling me that I'll get through the trouble of writing my KI independent study because she doesn't take idiots for friends. Bern, I'm the same way and I really think that you are one heck of a talented girl. Sad that I can't show her art here, but her art really is amazing. Thanks for putting up with all my nonsense!

Just knowing that I have friends like you girls makes me just so happy. Take care till we meet again okay? We'll have many more happy memories together in the future! People like you make my world go round.

The interview was okay, but it was really short.

Till then, I hope you have friends as great as mine!