Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm a Standout in life!

In life, I make it a point to stand out in the things that I do, and I really mean it.

That's why I'm not going to write yet another crappy post about how I think I am awesome just because I can score good grades in school; because I can chow down a Wendy's burger and talk at the same time; or just because I dare to jump into the sea from a boat - that's just mundane routine for Kevin Chan here.

So I decided that to win this little Standout competition here, that I would have to do something really AWESOME for a change, something that would at the very least stand out strongly in my memory, and I am proud to tell you folks that I, collaborating with Roger (from the Republic of Awesome), Chia Wei (from as our photographer and Tysern (from as our bag-boy have managed to bring you the only ever...

SPARTAN INVASION OF ONE UTAMA (in recorded history)!

It all started with dinner with Roger in Singapore. We were both talking about Nuffnang's Standout competition, and it went on a little something like this:

Roger: Hey, we should join the competition lah, then we'll get to go to the party and all.

Kev: Yeah, but what are we to write about? We write about awesome stuff so much it all just doesn't feel awesome anymore.

Roger: Hmmm... maybe we should just go do something really awesome. Remember that time that I terrorized the hostel in a Spartan outfit, going this is SPARTA in poor Zac's face?

Kev: Yeah dude, you're on to something here, only that we have to do something a few levels more awesome than that... What if we... go around terrorizing random people in ONE UTAMA, in SPARTAN OUTFITS!

Roger: YEAH! Great, I'll get the red capes and I'll meet you at 3pm and we'll go off to One Utama together. How's that? Set?

Kev: Set lah!

And that was how we ended up in front of One Utama on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, all geared up to raid and terrorize our beloved shopping mall.

So how do you prepare to raid a shopping mall in Spartan gear? It all starts with the right gear.

Our Spartan shopping cart!

In the cart we have two really nice red towels capes, two nice wushu Spartan spears, some belts, a dustbin lid kickass golden shield and of course, a Spartan's favourite drink to relax after a hard day's work of killing and plundering - CHILLED TIGER BEER!

With all our gear assembled, we pushed our cart straight into the valley of the shadow of death, our own private Battle of Thermopylae, the gates of One Utama, getting one too many awkward stares on the way there. But those preliminary stares were nothing compared to what we were about to face on the inside of that wretched building.

We quickly found a toilet and went in as mere mortal men, but we emerged as IMMORTAL SPARTAN MEN, ready to rock ONE UTAMA!

One Utama, here we come!

And then it came from all around - the giggles and stares from the people around us. It took some getting used to, but a little giggle or a weird stare from an old wrinkled auntie never stopped Leonidas, and I guess it could not hurt us either.

Old auntie gives us the weird stare!

We go around with our gear and Tiger beer and attack all targets in sight!

There goes the Colonel!

We've got McDonalds in SPARTA now!

We were just posing with more beer when we realized that we were standing right in front of the great Spartan temple... the VIDEO SHOP!

The video shop, chock full with Spartan goodness!

And so, we raided the shop for what was rightfully ours!

We reclaimed what was ours, and we decided that we had to move on, and that there was more of One Utama for us to conquer.

Our heroes move on to their next battle!

The next logical step in our conquest of the shopping mall would be to attack the information counter. There definitely must be some intelligence we can obtain there!

We approached the information counter stealthily, but there was something there so awful, so terrible that it managed to hurt our hardened Spartan eyes - it was the evil QUEUE!


After what seemed like forever...

And that was when I just couldn't take the blasphemy that was happening right in front of me anymore.

I was so pumped up after kicking that blaspheming information-counter-guy into the deep, dark, bottomless-pit-of-death that I just went on a RAMPAGE!

It's ass kicking time!

Roger wants to stab the beer for some reason!

Take my animal rage, woman!

We even brought our madness all the way inside Toys-R-Us and the cinemas!


The Cinemas!

In short, no one could resist the Spartan invasion, and some people even stood on our side with us.

Okay, maybe just one...

But after we got our crowns from Burger King, things just started getting better and better!

Every king needs a fitting crown, and Burger King gave us theirs!

What's more awesome than Spartans invading One Utama?

Spartans chatting up chicks, of course!

Yup, we could do it wearing a red cape and holding a really long spear. Can you?

Energized by the power of our crowns, we went on running wild through One Utama!

We ended up having so much fun, that the some really obnoxious, old security woman that couldn't speak English tried to shoo us away, telling us that we need permission to take photos in One Utama! What utter rubbish!

She was real angry that we kept ignoring her complaints in Malay (I admit, that I am a bit rusty here) but we were never one to pass a good photo op by, and so here is a goofy picture with an absolutely furious, bitchy old security hag.

Just look at that super DULAN look on her face! Priceless!

The mall security elsewhere were more friendly and even offered to pose with us!

The friendlier mall cops.

It was a long day, even for us Spartans, and we finally decided to call it a day at the bowling alley in One Utama's new wing.(But not without some more cam-whoring, of course!)

Some bowlers even wanted pictures with us!

A great shot with our excellent photographer, Chia Wei!

Considering that we started right all the way back in the center court of the old wing, made a whole big and walked all the way to the bowling alley of the new wing, I can safely say that we Spartans did indeed manage to conquer most of One Utama!

And finally, after a hard Spartan day's work of terrorizing, plundering, rampaging, pillaging, and conquering, it was time for a nice cold Tiger.

Just what a spartan needs after a hard day's work.

And my little Spartan invasion here is just why I stand out so much more than the 99.999% of bloggers out there. Period.

To you guys at Nuffnang, Robb, Timothy, Ming, I really want to go to this party, so I have my tickets, pretty please? At least enough tickets so that all four of my friends who helped me out in this AWESOME AWESOME blog post can all be there and make your event an even better one.

And also, I promise to try not to get drunk this time. Serious!

Hope to see you at the party!


Just for you guys, the posts of the other guys who were part of the Spartan Invasion!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Transforminators

John Connor:
This is John Connor, we've been fighting for a long time.

It was bad enough when we were fighting the terminators, then the transformers came.

Now we just call them the transforminators.

They used to just shoot at us.

Now they turn into sweet cars.

They're taking human prisoners, replicating human tissue, and worst of all...

...eating all of our sand.

AND JUST FOR NAIFEN (and his penis jokes)

"...It's full of... PEA-NESS..."

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The next level of my Lady GaGa fetish!

I think watching this just brought my Lady GaGa fetish to the very next level!

It's just makes me want to be one of those (very objectified) dancers on her shows! It's just all so awesome!

That settles it! Ladies, just to let you know, if you would ever want to date me, it would score you points to follow the following tutorial and look totally awesome like GaGa! Hahahahaha!

Yeah, it would make me one very happy man. (:

And just one bonus Lady GaGa vid I chanced upon - Poker Face (Acoustic)

Isn't she just AWESOMEEEE?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The day that time flowed backwards.

Today I took a jog at 12:30 am, but I arrived back at my hall at 11:30 pm.

It just so happened that I was so used to coming back late and running my errands around hall at earliest 12am that I thought that the time on my phone was wrong and shifted it two hours later when I was jogging.

But the feeling that I suddenly had more time left in the day was awesome! It's as if a whole brand new world of opportunities has just opened up and there's so much potential that these two extra hours that I'm presented with possess.

No wonder what lies right between the past and the future is called the present, it's indeed a gift of infinite potential.

Now I've just got to figure out how to make this happen more on school days...

The Recording Studio

I just had my first real taste of recording songs in a recording studio, and it really is a lot of work! Spent the whole night just recording a couple of lines for two of our songs.

Just hope that it will all be worth it when we're done with all this recording.

Then there will just be no more excuses not to kick start my internet business for good. Some other people are out there working freaking 7 days a week, what am I doing?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Spy

Team Fortress 2 vids are just awesome, aren't they?

Now to seriously think about what to do about my resume. What now, brown cow?

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Beach

Been doing a lot lately. Driving up to Ipoh to visit my grandmother; meeting friends for laptop-case hunting; reading; trying my hand at web and graphic design.

Everything seems all over the place. There's so much to do, and so much to get straightened out, but I just seem to keep putting things off. It all adds up to feel pretty tiring sometimes.

Burdensome. Like a heavy rock.
(Guess how much that designer 'rock' costs! Ans: Close to $2000!)

Yup. So going to the beach today and doing absolutely nothing but relax and play with the sand was just awesome. Yeah, it was therapeutic and awesome. And yeah, we had to chase away the odd bangla or two that tried to chat up Jasmine. But it was still awesome.

The three beachgoers!

Photobombed while trying to pose sexily!

Recharged and ready to go!

Oh well, now that I'm all recharged, it's time to get back to work designing logos, learning css, learning Dreamweaver, writing a speech for Saturday and getting everything straightened out!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Geek mode turn on.

The coding of a web page of a thousand lines begins with the first <html>. coming soon.

Krispy Kreme

Just last week, Tysern, Charlotte and I took a drive down to the hottest new doughnut shop in town - Krispy Kreme - at Berjaya Times Square deep in the heart of KL!

The iconic neon red sign!

Krispy Kreme is a well known chain of doughnut shops well known for their really tasty glazed doughnuts. They're so good that people have been known to fly them in to Malaysia and Singapore as presents!

I remember trying them a long time ago and I remember that they were really good! And now we finally get an outlet in KL when Singapore doesn't even have one yet! Yay!

And so like all good doughnut places, there was a long queue waiting for us when we arrived at the shop!

The queue.

Thankfully, the queue wasn't too long and we even got a complimentary freshly fried, warm glazed doughnut to savor while waiting! That super fresh doughnut - super warm, spongy and tasty - was likely to have been the best tasting doughnut I have ever had. The three of us finished our doughnuts in mere seconds.

The glazed doughnut we had was just so sugary, but it was just so good! And know just why it's so sugary? It's because the doughnuts practically go through a SUGAR SYRUP WATERFALL to get perfectly glazed with sugary goodness!

The beforementioned waterfall!

Our first doughnuts were so good that we totally went nuts when we reached the counter.

Assorted doughnuts!

Cookies and cream!

We all went so nuts that we bought 3 dozen doughnuts (to be split and taken home by the three of us, of course)!

Our sugary, sinful doughnuts.

They just were so good and we had to have some there before we went home.

Nom nom nom!

We had no more than 4 doughnuts per person, but after about 3 doughnuts each, we all felt like something wasn't quite right. We started giggling and the stupidest things and making really dumb jokes (really dumb, as in much dumber than the usual lah!)!

Yup, these doughnuts are so sugary that they induced my first ever case of full-fledged-sugar-intoxication! I'm swearing off super sweet doughnuts for quite some time now.

So the next time you wanna get intoxicated, but you just don't have the money for alcohol, try taking at least 4 glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts and I'm quite sure that you'll feel the results!