Monday, May 11, 2009

Krispy Kreme

Just last week, Tysern, Charlotte and I took a drive down to the hottest new doughnut shop in town - Krispy Kreme - at Berjaya Times Square deep in the heart of KL!

The iconic neon red sign!

Krispy Kreme is a well known chain of doughnut shops well known for their really tasty glazed doughnuts. They're so good that people have been known to fly them in to Malaysia and Singapore as presents!

I remember trying them a long time ago and I remember that they were really good! And now we finally get an outlet in KL when Singapore doesn't even have one yet! Yay!

And so like all good doughnut places, there was a long queue waiting for us when we arrived at the shop!

The queue.

Thankfully, the queue wasn't too long and we even got a complimentary freshly fried, warm glazed doughnut to savor while waiting! That super fresh doughnut - super warm, spongy and tasty - was likely to have been the best tasting doughnut I have ever had. The three of us finished our doughnuts in mere seconds.

The glazed doughnut we had was just so sugary, but it was just so good! And know just why it's so sugary? It's because the doughnuts practically go through a SUGAR SYRUP WATERFALL to get perfectly glazed with sugary goodness!

The beforementioned waterfall!

Our first doughnuts were so good that we totally went nuts when we reached the counter.

Assorted doughnuts!

Cookies and cream!

We all went so nuts that we bought 3 dozen doughnuts (to be split and taken home by the three of us, of course)!

Our sugary, sinful doughnuts.

They just were so good and we had to have some there before we went home.

Nom nom nom!

We had no more than 4 doughnuts per person, but after about 3 doughnuts each, we all felt like something wasn't quite right. We started giggling and the stupidest things and making really dumb jokes (really dumb, as in much dumber than the usual lah!)!

Yup, these doughnuts are so sugary that they induced my first ever case of full-fledged-sugar-intoxication! I'm swearing off super sweet doughnuts for quite some time now.

So the next time you wanna get intoxicated, but you just don't have the money for alcohol, try taking at least 4 glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts and I'm quite sure that you'll feel the results!


su said...

omg tell me about it. every time i am tired i just eat one original glazed. its like super mario mushrooms for real life!

Kevin Chan said...

Yeah, but like Mario's mushrooms, these doughnuts also make us grow one size bigger when we consume them! But we don't grow one size smaller when we get shot by a fireball or walk into a turtle!