Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Everyday reminders.

Everyday I am reminded by the wonderful people around me that friendship and love are the two things in this world worth spending time, energy and effort cultivating.

What is money or power without the right people to spend it with?

But as important as such things are, it's sad to see that sometimes people don't see it. They use people, manipulate people, and form superficial relationships with people only to squeeze out every last favor.

It sickens me.

This Christmas season, just take a look at the people closest to you, and let them know that you appreciate them. They're more important than anything else.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Thinking too much

I've been trying to write a proper post for the two of my blogs for quite some time now, but the thing is that I have a pretty peculiar problem right now.

It's not that I don't have anything on my mind right now, but it's more like I have too many things on my mind, too many things that I have been thinking about that it all has become this big, jumbled mess of hopesdreamsandfearsallwithoutanypunctuationmarks.

I need some time out to figure it all out.

And maybe I just need to sleep more proper hours.

Maybe it's time to go back to hugging my cute, pink, elephant.


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Social networking gone too far.

Instead of kissing the bright straight away like what most newly married couples do, this is what happens when we rely on social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter just a little bit too much.

Would you do this at your wedding? Or do you think that this is a little bit too much?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Of ninja assassins and bad plots.

As some of you know, I am nearly done with my exams and have decided to take the greater part of the week off and go back home for some much needed tender loving care.
Yup, even us spartans need a nice break every now and then.

So being back in the land where it costs less than RM10 to watch a movie in the cinema, I just had to as it has just been so long since I last watched a movie.

So we went to catch a movie at the nearest cinema. Twilight was showing, but Yi Ting would hear no word of it, so we ended up watching the most macho movie of the lot - NINJA ASSASSIN!

It looks pretty good here!

It looked like a really good guy movie - lots of blood, violence and gore. And how can you go wrong with AWESOME NINJAS? Seriously?

So we caught the movie.

The movie has to be about more than Korean pop stars and their nicely toned bodies... right?

And you know what, it sucked. It bombed.


Watching the show was like: blood, kill, fight, blood, kill, fight... rinse and repeat the formula a couple of times, with a bit of sexual tension thrown in and you have the complete mess of what Ninja Assassin is.

Did you realize that I missed out any mention of a reasonable plot whatsoever?

Yeah, even though I watched the "making of" just a couple of hours earlier and heard that the show had one of the "deeper" plots that one of the veteran actors worked with, the movie still had a paper thin plot. You would get better plots reading my little 9 year old brother's essays. Seriously. It really makes you wonder what kind of movies the actor that made that comment has been working with.

Anyway, as my buddies and I were having our usual post-movie discussion session, I kinda realized that it's pretty amazing that a big Hollywood movie with a multimillion dollar budget had such a terrible plot. Isn't the plot the VERY FIRST THING that the director has to show to the producers and investors to secure financing for the movie?

How did anyone agree to put down money for such a plot?

So I guess this is what more and more directors and producers are doing these days to secure funding from their studios and investors:
"Yup, you have all that and you know what? I'm going to throw in a half-assed looking chick whose breasts can be used by the hunky male character as a bouncy cushion. It's going to sell for sure."

(I'm not kidding about the breast-cushion bit, watch the show for it! Serious LOL!)

If only it could be so easy for me to ask for a raise... or even a room in NTU.

And what's worse is that the scriptwriter was probably paid quite a substantial sum for such a shitty story which he probably wrote in the brief time he was squeezing out a crap in the toilet one fine morning. That's probably all the effort he put into it as the majority of the effort was definitely put into squeezing his morning crap out.

Oh well, enough negativity. At least now I know that even if all fails, I can always write scripts for Hollywood.

We all have to take a dump in the morning, don't we?

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

I want to win those movie passes, and I got these two screenshots on as well as to fight for them!

The two clues to find the required pictures were:

Now you must be waiting for the clues to which 2 blogs in Malaysia have we hidden the mystery Sherlock Holmes image, right? They are hidden in..

  • a) The Land of Cheeser Dot Com (mix it a little to find the answer)

  • b) KYCakap Dot Com (a little translation might help)

  • The picture from KY's blog:
    The one from Cheesie's blog:

    Lets hope that I win something!

    Getting to the bottom of this case was elementary, my dear Nuffnang. Now hand over the goodies!

    Sunday, November 22, 2009

    Steamy Massages

    Was reading up on Research Methods in the reading room and I chanced upon a copy of The New Paper, a tabloid-ish daily newspaper in Singapore.

    Look at the aptly named massage parlor that just opened!


    Twilight will get you laid!

    It's only during exam period when people spend the most time on Youtube because everything (including watching the high pitched retard, Fred) is more interesting than studying.


    But every now and then you find a gem. Yeah, I found somebody who IMHO, beats the shit out of the other Youtube celebrities out there.

    Here he is, telling us just why Twilight will get you laid!

    I told you it was pretty good! Now to start studying again!

    Saturday, November 21, 2009

    A man of extremes

    Something that happened today made me realize that I am a man of extremes.

    I either have something in entirety and in perfection, or not give a shit about it.

    And that's why I can get pretty annoyed my new toys look any less than perfect. And this was what happened today:

    I found a small little scratch on the rubberized casing of my Macbook and whenever I touched it, the rubber layer kept peeling off and the hole kept growing larger and larger, much to my chagrin.

    When it grew to a certain size, I was like "damn this - I'm going to rub it all off!"

    And the hole grew to epic proportions.


    The worst thing is that I just can't stop looking at or noticing the hole. It looks like it's going to haunt me in my sleep even.

    Can't wait till I can get to the store to get a new cover for my baby. Gah. Oh well.

    Thursday, November 19, 2009

    Hitler Cannot S/U His Exams!

    What happens when the NTU Student Union just fails and Hitler cannot S/U his exams?

    Hilarity ensues.

    A must watch if you are a NTU student! Back to mugging...

    Blogging drought

    I'm staying up using the Mac in the room because I'm patiently waiting for my laundry to be done.

    I realised that I haven't been blogging in a while and is in dire need of an update.

    I need discipline. I need focus. I need a life.

    Exams, let me just ace you and be over.

    Pretty please?

    Saturday, November 14, 2009

    There she gently sleeps.

    ... patiently waiting for the moment where I take her out, gently open her up, and turn her on.


    Thursday, November 12, 2009

    How do YOU get your viral videos?

    I love internet viral videos. I just do. Just almost as much as this guy:

    I really do.

    And one great source of my daily dose of viral madness is Facebook. Facebook, already the ultimate destroyer of productivity and time happens to also be a gold mine of viral videos.

    My source of my productivity killing superpowers.

    What bugs me is that sometimes I'm away from my computer and hence away from Facebook. What then? How am I, a non-smartphone user to get updates on the craziest and wackiest viral videos to watch?

    Channel X happens to have a solution, with the new mobile Facebook service that I have been writing about over the past 2 weeks!

    With Channel X, getting your status updates to notify you of the latest viral videos, friends status updates and wall posts will be as easy as checking your phone for messages! It's that powerful! And it's only going for the low price of RM 1!

    Learn all about this awesome promotion HERE!

    Maybe if I had the Channel X mobile Facebook service down here in Singapore, I wouldn't have had missed this crazy vid when it came out!

    Just maybe!

    Saturday, November 07, 2009

    What can I buy for RM 1?

    What can one buy for RM 1? A roti canai at a mamak stall (note that this does not apply to the more "high-class" ones). A drink at a kopi-tiam? A handful of sweets?

    RM 1 really isn't much as a can of Coke in Malaysia already costs RM1.50. So what can you buy for RM 1? What can you buy with that paltry sum that lasts a week?

    Finally there's something substantial that you can have for just RM 1 a week!

    Subscription to Channel X, the mobile Facebook service is yours for just RM 1 a week!

    What's more is that it's just so easy to use! Just follow the simple instructions below and you'll be on your way to having great fun on Facebook whereever you are, just through the simple of use of its SMS interface!

    It's that simple!

    For more information, please visit this LINK for more information!

    Friday, November 06, 2009

    Art: Unadulterated

    Lately, i've been really busy with school, trying to meet deadlines and assignments the past few weeks and I kept making excuses not to blog. The whole Celcom mobile Facebook advertorial thing also has kept me busy with stuff to post on this site I kept ignoring the impulse to just write and express myself here.

    So here it is, some kind of activity on my end to just let you guys know that I'm alive and well (I'm technically slightly down with a flu but it's nothing I can't handle). So what have I been up to lately? Well work aside, I've been reading quite a bit of One Piece (largely due to Ling Yi's influence) and fooling around with the handwriting tool quite a bit on MSN messenger.

    Yeah so here they are, art in it's most unadulterated form and with it some updates on this blogger's life.

    1) Cheebyekiaa!


    I drew this when quite a number of things hit me at the same time - I was stressed out working on a project, I recieved some rather unsettling news and I was just frustrated with life in general. I just felt like standing on some tall cliff overlooking the rough ocean waves, with the strong sea wind beating down my face and just yelling out my frustrations to the unrelenting tide.

    And as much as I hate to admit it, that has been happening quite a lot in my life in NTU. It sucks to feel out of control of my life and I need to do what I can to reassert my myself in what I do. I want to achieve what I have set out for myself and go where I want to go, but it can get so frustrating.

    Maybe this is where the abundance mindset that Steve Pavilina talked about on his blog comes in. Perhaps he's right and instead of spending the bulk of my time and energy focusing on the things in life that frustrate me, maybe I should spend that focus on the good things in my life instead, like the great friends I have, the great people I meet both offline and online and my love for writing.

    Just being back on Blogger and writing this out really reminds me of how much I used to love blogging. I used to wake up in the mornings with like three thousand blog ideas and update like 3 times a day. I still love to write and take time to reflect on life but my studies and commitments are just taking so much out of me.

    I really need to find that balance, that golden mean between work and time to spend on self actualization. Ultimately it all boils down to time management and discipline, the two things I really need to work on if I want to commit to my goal of becoming a better, more efficient person.

    2) Hungry!

    I drew this when talking to my good friend Ling Yi while working on my research methods project all alone (hate working on long, wordy reports all alone) at around 12am last Sunday, asking him to come back so that we can go out and have supper. Yes I was that hungry. I have been sleeping at really odd times due to tight deadlines and all and if I remember correctly, only taken my first meal of the day at 5pm. Little wonder that I was feeling like an Ethiopian at 12 midnight.

    It is interesting to note that due to the lack of exercise and possibly my latest bout of flu (which comes with a whole lot of water consumption) that my midsection is currently very, very vastly different from the thin, skin and bones figure above.

    3) Lovebeam

    Note that this piece is titled "Lovebeam", not "Lovebeams" and is in the singular and not plural form. I drew it when I was chatting to my pal Nick about what most guys at this age has on their minds - girls.

    I think I drew this as I was thinking about fictional characters that just seem to be able to snag that one girl that they're eying when they just put their mind to it and focus on just chasing the girl of their dreams. I mean we're forced fed this stuff, and over time we just start to subconsciously believe in it, that if we find that one special girl and love her with all you've got, she'll be yours in the end.

    But it always seems to me that the real world is so different from that. Making the girl the only one you think about just seems to decrease your chances - you can't talk right in front of her, you get nervous just by looking at her and you can't even muster the courage to ask her out properly. The logical thing to do would be to not dwell on it and meet more people but it never is easy to reconcile the opposing views of the heart and the brain.

    Why do we desire what we cannot get so much?

    I guess that's what made me draw what I drew next.

    4) Heartstab


    That's just how bad news feels sometimes, especially if it pertains to matters of the heart. It really feels like just that - a dark cold sword just stabbing through your being, emptying your being and making you feel all empty inside.

    Maybe that's why I seem to connect with this song from David Tao's latest album, Opus 69, so much.

    Secret Love - ζš—ζˆ€

    Even if you're an international singing sensation but if the girl you're in love in just doesn't feel the same about you, it still hurts deep inside. What's the use of being to get any girl you want, with the sole exception of the one you're dying for?

    5) Flower for You
    Flower for You

    Yeah an in stark contrast to all that emo writing that this blog has not seen for a very long time, simple flowers for a friend. Come to think of it, we all feel lonely and insecure from time to time, even though if we are continually surrounded by people. A bright flower definitely would serve as a cute gesture of appreciation. Who can say no to such a cute, bright smiley face?

    I drew this for Adele who drew me one when motivating me to complete my assignment! I guess that sometimes encouragement and friendship comes from the most mystical of sources. (:


    Hope that all you out there are fine and well! Hope that you all have wonderful, fulfilled lives. That's exactly what I'm working towards!

    Tuesday, November 03, 2009

    How do I get Xpax facebook mobile?

    I remember how just the other day I was blogging about Celcom Xpax's mobile Facebook service? Just for you valued readers out there, I'll share with you guys a little bit on how you Xpax users can quickly get started with mobile Facebook! You lucky guys back home!

    It's so simple cause it's just these few steps!

    That's it! So easy! Easier than starting on my BM212 assignment 3 that is due this Thursday, I dare say!

    Visit HERE for more details on this deal today!

    Sunday, November 01, 2009

    Facebook on the go!

    I've been really busy for the past few weeks, and as a result, this poor blog of mine has been pretty neglected. But when I'm too busy to actually spend time to sit down and write a decently readable blog post, I do what everyone else seems to be doing at the moment - just drop by Facebook for a moment to rant about how busy and stressed we are.

    Emo, emo rant.

    Yeah, Facebook is simple and fast to use, and it provides the quick, instant gratification that our generation craves for. It truly is the opiate of our times. But this is the catch - you have to be connected to the internet to use it. For those who don't have a mobile internet plan like me, that means that my Facebook addiction is only limited to when I have access to the internet.

    But for those lucky folks back at home in Malaysia with a Xpax data plan, I just read today that Xpax just launched this service offering Facebook access through SMS and the service only costs RM1 a week to access! For those of us studying down here in Singapore, it's just a microscopic sum of less than $0.50 SGD to use Facebook whereever you are a week! That's just crazy!

    I'm going to be blogging about the new service by Xpax through the week, so stay tuned and just to let you guys know, check out: for more information! (:

    Friday, October 23, 2009

    Help me with my questionnaire, please?

    Hey guys! As you all know, I'm a super slacker and I have an AB213 research paper to present to my Prof on Monday but we need research data. Our research paper is on blogs, so trust me that answering this short (seriously, cross my heart) questionnaire will help me tremendously!


    Been so busy for the past few days and I still feel really tired. Been working around the clock just me meet deadlines and it just has been crazy. Thank God that I have the blog awards to look forward to.

    Going to get ready for the awards now! Hope that it'll be great and hope to meet more of you bloggers there!

    Sunday, October 11, 2009

    Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore Experience!

    I've been studying in Singapore for close to four years already and have seen Singapore from almost every angle possible already - from the tall rooftops of office buildings on Shenton Way to the gritty lorongs of Geylang and still find something new every time I go out and explore.

    That's the name of a very real hotel in Geylang. To think that it used to be super near to my old hostel!

    Singapore is unique because it really is more than the metropolitan shopping city most people see it to be because it's really much more than Orchard Road and shopping, shopping and more shopping (although that does happen quite a bit here as Singapore is slowly growing into one big shopping mall, but I digress).

    It's really beautiful at night.

    I believe that Singapore truly is a great holiday destination because it manages to offer such a diverse amount of experiences, all conveniently near to each other with an awesome public transportation system to boot. It all adds up to great holiday exploring even if you're without a car! Where else can you walk out of the botanical gardens and take a short bus ride down to the hottest shopping centers in town? Only in Singapore!

    So what would be my perfect 1-day itinerary for a foreign friend of mine?

    Firstly, we'll start the day off well with some healthy exercise at the East Coast Park! The park is a wonderful place to have a picnic, jog, cycle, and even rollerblade! You can even go for a dip in the sea or make sand castles if you want to at the nearby beach!

    Bicycling at the East Coast Park!

    After all that exercise, we'll head towards Bedok to have a good Singaporean breakfast of Kueh Chap! Kueh Chap is something that I've found pretty unique to Singapore because I never really had it before back home in KL. Kueh Chap is a delicious dish of flat noodles accompanied with a light pork flavoured soup served with delicious stewed pork meat and organs. There are quite a number of really good Kueh Chap stalls in Bedok, and it's my number one destination I head to whenever I have the craving for it!

    Super pork goodness!

    After all that good food, it's time to head down to town. I would take this opportuinity to take my friend on the MRT and experience the Singaporean MRT experience. We would zoom down from the East end of Singapore down into the heart of town itself and alight at Orchard Road.

    From Orchard Road, we would go by the major shopping centres and leisurely walk down towards Plaza Singapura and from Plaza Singapura doing some light shopping as well as showing my friend the only Istana I know that is strategically situated right next to a prominent shopping centre!

    As we would have no time to waste at all, we would then take a comfortable cab ride right down to Vivo City, one of the newest and most spacious malls in Singapore. What makes it even better is that it's right next to Sentosa, our very next stop after Vivo. But first we take an ice-cream break!

    If you know me well enough, you will know that my favourite brand of ice cream is none other than Ben & Jerry's, which till today we still don't have back home in Malaysia! And there's a scoop shop just right inside Vivo City. What does that mean? It's ice cream time!

    That's called the Merlionster. If I remember correctly, it's 6 scoops of wonderful Ben & Jerry goodness coupled up with brownies and toppings and everything good!

    After the multiple ice-cream induced orgasms, and some food, it's time to move to Sentosa! Time for more beach fun! There's lots of little cute attractions here that tourists love to go to as well (but don't drag me there cause I've been in them like a gazillion times already)!

    There really are girls in bikinis on the beach. Would I lie to you?

    And if you should get thirsty, grab a drink at the happening Cafe Del Mar and sunbathe your worries away!

    Fun at Cafe Del Mar!

    So after all the fun, sand and surf (did I forget the girls playing volleyball at the beach?) at Sentosa it's time to just chill and watch the sunset. And of course, that only means that it's time to eat!

    So we would then cab back to Marina Bay and go to the Esplanade, which looks awesome during the sunset.

    There it is, in all it's glory.

    We'll walk around the Esplanade, taking the obligatory pictures of both the Esplanade, The Singapore Flyer and lesiurely make our way to Gluttons Bay to have more local food! There, I'll treat my foreign friend to even more delicious local food like Sambal Stingray, Char Kuey Teow, Oyster Omelette and other local goodies!

    Nom nom nom!

    After dinner, it's time for some partying! I would then take my friends to the Butter Factory which happens to be conveniently located just next to the nearby Merlion! But let's not forget the obligatory camwhoring by the Merlion!

    That's the famous Merlion, with the Fullerton in the background.

    And if Butter Factory is too crowded or somehow does not suit my friend's tastes, fear not as Clarke Quay or Zouk (along with Phuture and Velvet) is only a short cab ride away.

    After we've had enough partying, we'll just leisurely walk down the Singapore river and enjoy the view, and finally take a leisurely walk back to one of the nicest hotels in Singapore, the Fullerton, which I would really love to have the opportuinity to stay in.

    A wonderful place with a wonderful view.

    I guess it's possible, but It would only make my bank balance look like this!


    That's why, if you have time, just do it, and come down to Singapore and have a great time!
    Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore Experience!

    Saturday, October 10, 2009


    It gets tiring to blog sometimes, but I really want those invites to the upcoming blog awards. Guess you have to work for the things that you want in life, don't you?

    But just for this moment I want to just escape from it all and just be still, and rest. Away from this chaotic mess we call life. Somewhere far, somewhere distant, somewhere quiet.

    Somewhere they won't find us.

    Saturday, October 03, 2009

    It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

    Being a full time university student can be very difficult - you often times can't seem to find the slightest bit of time left for yourself with the one million deadlines you have to meet on top of all the things you just have to do, like spending a little time with your family.

    That's why you end up sneaking naps whenever you can!

    All the work and the stress can be a real bummer, especially when you find yourself spending every last free minute with your face buried deep inside your books, squinting at your assignments with your eyes fully laden with heavy eyebags.

    Assignments, reports, competitions. It can get a little out of hand sometimes.

    And that's made EVEN worse with all these blogging competition deadlines that I just HAVE to meet if I want to win tickets to the exciting upcoming Nuffnang Regional Blog Awards that just everybody has been talking about! (Vote for my dear friend Terry right here! He's an awesome blogger, trust me!)

    It all adds up to this one very TULAN face.

    But every problem man faces can be overcome with wits and cunning. Yes, I have a secret weapon aiding me in my quest against the evil ASS-ignments that have been terrorizing us all.

    It is none other than the mighty PRINGLES!

    Thank God for Pringles!

    With Pringles, life just seems so much more fun and exciting. I mean who thinks about their 1001 assignments that they have to complete when they're KRRUNCHING on wonderful Pringles? Not a soul, I tell you.

    How to make a long bus journey instantly more KRRUNCH-tastic? Have Pringles with a friend!

    Evidence of enjoying Pringles on the bus. Photo taken with awesome friend's new camera phone, of course.

    Need to turn up the heat in the bedroom? Pringles are so powerful that their very presence manages to attract members of the opposite sex all the way up five flights of stairs, one very menacing magnetic gate and into one slightly cramped room to party with you!

    Don't believe me? KRRUNCH ON THIS!


    Pringles are just so miraculous that they managed to somehow attract a Nuffie into my room even though she spent the entire day working hard preparing for the beforementioned upcoming Asia-Pacific Blog Awards!

    Those chips sure are magical!

    And if all that is still not enough to convince you that Pringles are the best thing ever, I just want to to know this one little secret that no one else is going to tell you - Pringles probably hold the key to an infinite source of clean energy. You physics geeks better start running tests on these heavenly chips right away!

    Pringles are so powerful that they magically powered the extremely sleep deprived me to work through the night editing a video of never before released footage of how KRRUNCHING on Pringles actually empowered a little 9 year old boy with mystical Korean-boy-band dance powers. Seriously, don't even think of not checking the vid out.

    That's just what its like when you're KRRUNCHING your way to good music!
    (Please rate the video and leave comments for it would make the little boy in the video, as well as the not so little boy that manages this blog, very, very happy!)

    So I guess it's back to KRRUNCHING away on those assignments! Really hope that I get the tickets as the little boy in the video really wants his older brother to go to the blog awards. Honest.

    So Nuffnang, two invites for me please? Pretty please? Or I'll hold one of your Nuffies hostage by luring her into my room with Pringles again. Seriously.

    Till then,
    It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

    Tuesday, September 29, 2009

    If only life could be like this...

    I was just going through my RSS feeds this morning and I saw this:

    It just made me smile and beam uncontrollably. If only it were that easy to ask that cute girl that you just met out... without things being awkward.

    But maybe it is that easy, and I'm just thinking too much. To ask her out or wait till I know her better? That is the question.

    But then again I don't really have the time anyway. ):

    I want a break. A real break. One where I don't have to worry about a million deadlines all rushing towards me at warp speed.


    Monday, September 28, 2009

    The closet masochist

    I'm starting to think that the obscene amount of self-imposed work that I do is a symptom of my closet masochism. Maybe it's the adrenaline rush that I get from rushing to complete seemingly impossible deadlines and the overwhelming euphoria I get when I survive that 'hell' week. Maybe it's the encouraging comments I get when dear friends realize the amount of nonsense I put myself through. But I can't be doing this every single week, can't I?

    Or maybe I just really have something for leather whips and nipple clamps.

    What have I gotten myself into this time?

    Saturday, September 26, 2009


    Finally, a real bed.

    We often don't appreciate what we have until we have it dragged away from under our feet. And now that I get to finally sleep on one after so long, I'm going to make it count.

    Going to be back in KL until Wednesday. Email me if you people down in Singapore need to reach me. It's going to be a nice, nice long slumber...


    I'm still wishing that it'll come, somehow.

    You can't stop a man from hoping, dammit.

    Wednesday, September 23, 2009

    A breather

    I survived today!

    We completed and presented our case for the Post-it marketing competition, handed in our research methods report on the factors influencing people's reading of blogs and got through my quiz for Accounting 2!

    When I got back to my room after all that I just couldn't help but keep bursting out singing Mariah Carey's "When You Believe".

    When you believe, you can push yourself to achieve what you've never achieved before. Now, rest.


    And when I woke up, I was gently roused my Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie. It was only the second time I was hearing the song but it made me feel unmistakably happy.

    Just happily stretching on the bed.

    Monday, September 21, 2009

    I need to write a speech like this...

    Need to write a speech like that really, really soon. It would be so cool to be known as an inspirational humorist! But I have a test to study for, a report to complete and a marketing competition to win. Guess it all means that I have to be even more efficient now.

    It's going to be interesting to see how I manage it all. Hope that it all goes well!

    Saturday, September 19, 2009

    Sleepless weekdays (and weekends)

    Honestly speaking, it has been a tough, long, sleepless week and I'm actually pretty surprised that I survived it.

    Come to think about it, university life for me is a large clash of extremes - on one hand, it's extremely taxing with reports, presentations and activities all piled up on you; one the other it's extremely fun and enjoyable with all the great people that I get to work on projects with, the late night suppers we take while taking 5 from an all-nighter and the crazy laughs we get from watching random clips off YouTube.

    Spent the whole Sunday night rushing to complete a presentation for Monday morning, spent Tuesday night brooding over my Post-it marketing competition case, and Thursday night at the HSS student lounge rushing to complete the said marketing competition report for submission on Friday afternoon.

    It's so tiring and so taxing, but I realize that on most nights when I get to bed dead tired I realize this one thing - as tired as I am, I laugh so much every single day, and I really can't say that I'm not enjoying myself.

    Monday's presentation was for my Research Methods class and was about blog advertising, which is something that I am passionate about. Seriously, who else gets to put such pictures on the handouts he passes out to his professor and manages to get away with it? I do!

    B(r)e(a)st free web game! Just proving my point that internet banner advertising is going down the drain!
    Check out the evolution of the said ads HERE!

    And the competition report was all about those handy little repositionable notes we call Post-its, and while it was tiring, it really wasn't too bad either.

    Yup, that's the competition.

    And as always, when things got a little to difficult to handle in the wee hours of the morning, we could always rely on the big guns - awesome clips on YouTube that we could depend on to bring us right back to life no matter how tired, hungry and cold we were.

    Pure genius! The Japanese never fail to amaze me with all the crazy, crazy things that they can come up with!

    As tiring as this crazy, crazy life sounds like, it's still manageable because of two things - I actually enjoy the things that I do, as well as the people that I work with.

    The next few weeks are going to be equally challenging too, so I guess there's no time to waste. Full focus on my tasks and why I love doing what I do. Full on focus.


    Of course, keep checking out my website on motivation and self improvement at today!

    Working real hard to bring you readers top grade content despite my hectic schedule, so stay tuned!