Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If only life could be like this...

I was just going through my RSS feeds this morning and I saw this:

It just made me smile and beam uncontrollably. If only it were that easy to ask that cute girl that you just met out... without things being awkward.

But maybe it is that easy, and I'm just thinking too much. To ask her out or wait till I know her better? That is the question.

But then again I don't really have the time anyway. ):

I want a break. A real break. One where I don't have to worry about a million deadlines all rushing towards me at warp speed.



Whitney said...

it's good to push yourself to achieve more in life, but you've gotta give yourself a break too ya :D

btw, i think i like your profile pic more, maybe i can use it on my blog profile? to attract more female traffic XD

chris@dotagaki said...

Nice video. I guess short sweet and simple is the way to go.

Kevin Chan said...

HAHAH? You really think so? Well I authorize you to use it on your blog. Let me know if it works! But I think your picture has been clearly successful at attracting male traffic! (:

Trying to sneak little breaks into my hectic life! (:

Yeah totally. I have this bad tendency to just want to go on for way too long! (:

Dylan Phuah said...

this was fun!

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