Saturday, September 12, 2009

The (not so) Ugly Truth.

My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I realised that Nuffnang Singapore is going to give away tickets to watch the preview screening of The Ugly Truth, starring my favourite actor, Gerrard Butler! I guess anyone that has been following this blog will know how much I LOVE watching King Leonidas in action, be it massacring Persian immortals in the 300, or romancing Hillary Swank from the grave in P.S. I Love you!

Told ya so!

But as usual, to get the tickets, we Nuffnangers were made to write blogposts concerning a certain topic to compete for those all-so-precious tickets.

And the question for today is this - what is your biggest turn-off during a date - and it happens to be quite a difficult question for me to answer for a number of reasons.

Firstly, for some reason, it's been quite some time since I've been out for a date date. It's not to say that I haven't been meeting wonderful women, but it's just that when I do, it's usually not in the context of a conventional movie and dinner (or dinner and movie, whichever is to your liking) date. I've been meeting people with friends, partied, went out to do something fun together very rarely in recent history did I feel like I was going out on a date.

The second reason is this - I think I have too much fun on my dates. When I actually find someone nice to go out with, that is. The last time in which I really didn't enjoy a date all that much was when both myself and the girl I was going out with realised that things weren't working out and we parted amicably after that. And that, my friends, was a long, long time ago.

And besides, uni life can be really hectic, not leaving much time left over for dates and the odd romantic tryst or two. Come to think of it I would be really fun to date some of the few girls I've met in school...

But I digress.

Gotta keep focused on talking about turn-offs during dates. I'm not going to talk about the really regular turn-offs that affect most people like bad breath, talking about other men during the date, gross facial hair, or just looking bad in general because that's just plain boring. That's just exactly what every other teenage emo bloggers gonna write about, and that's just so not me.

What really peeves me when I meet someone new is a lack of their own opinion. I find such people who do not possess their own views extremely shallow and boring. Does it not bother you that when you go out with someone because you want to get to know that someone better and they just hide in their shell and go 'err... I don't know' or 'err... I never thought about it' when discussing the most mundane of issues?

It's okay if it happens once or twice, but if this keeps going on too many times, as hot your date is, it's still going to amount for a pretty sucky date, in my opinion (wait, maybe I have to take that last statement back if she's really, REALLY hot).

Maybe it's just my debater background, but I find that a woman that can think and verbally spar with me extremely attractive. She scores extra points if she can engage in imaginative verbal role play too. So clearly, I would find a dumb, unopinionated person who cannot sustain a conversation with me a definite turn-off.

Yeah, definitely.

So, dear Nuffnang, I would really appreciate it if you could grant me those two free tickets to go to the premiere of The Ugly Truth because I really, really want to watch another awesome Gerrard Butler movie, but more importantly because I could kinda use a hot date right now, and tickets for a good movie sounds like a good strategy to arrange one. Seriously.

Hope to hear from you guys at Nuffnang soon, yeah? (:

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chris@dotagaki said...

Good luck with your tickets. Lol, now I see where u get the idea of ur Mensa Madness from. haha.

Btw, my latest post answers your previous question :)

Kevin Chan said...

Read your post already! Looks like you're one satisfied man then! HAHAHA!

Jojo Struys said...

hey Sparta. That was hilarious. Love the youtube video! Great sourcing! thanks for that :)

Kevin Chan said...

Hahaha, I actually did a parody of that vid and you can see it if you just scroll down a little! :D

Retro Gal said...

Just hilarious, loved it :-)