Saturday, November 21, 2009

A man of extremes

Something that happened today made me realize that I am a man of extremes.

I either have something in entirety and in perfection, or not give a shit about it.

And that's why I can get pretty annoyed my new toys look any less than perfect. And this was what happened today:

I found a small little scratch on the rubberized casing of my Macbook and whenever I touched it, the rubber layer kept peeling off and the hole kept growing larger and larger, much to my chagrin.

When it grew to a certain size, I was like "damn this - I'm going to rub it all off!"

And the hole grew to epic proportions.


The worst thing is that I just can't stop looking at or noticing the hole. It looks like it's going to haunt me in my sleep even.

Can't wait till I can get to the store to get a new cover for my baby. Gah. Oh well.