Friday, May 15, 2009

The Beach

Been doing a lot lately. Driving up to Ipoh to visit my grandmother; meeting friends for laptop-case hunting; reading; trying my hand at web and graphic design.

Everything seems all over the place. There's so much to do, and so much to get straightened out, but I just seem to keep putting things off. It all adds up to feel pretty tiring sometimes.

Burdensome. Like a heavy rock.
(Guess how much that designer 'rock' costs! Ans: Close to $2000!)

Yup. So going to the beach today and doing absolutely nothing but relax and play with the sand was just awesome. Yeah, it was therapeutic and awesome. And yeah, we had to chase away the odd bangla or two that tried to chat up Jasmine. But it was still awesome.

The three beachgoers!

Photobombed while trying to pose sexily!

Recharged and ready to go!

Oh well, now that I'm all recharged, it's time to get back to work designing logos, learning css, learning Dreamweaver, writing a speech for Saturday and getting everything straightened out!


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HAHAHAH singaporeans are so helpless

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