Sunday, February 08, 2009

What a valedictorian's speech should be like.

If only we get to see more speeches like that in Singapore! (: So feel like trying to give one like this for Toastmasters sometime soon!


KJ said...

Hey Kevin,

May I presume that you have finally conquered the Writer's Block (were you suffering from it to start off with?)

I mean I can't presume that everyone's just like me. I write best when I'm busy with assignments, and that in itself is a remarkably daft thing to do, seeing as there just isn't enough time to do everything all at the same time when you're hurrying for assignments and such!

But the speech got me laughing. That said, the Internet is a good escape for Writer's Block!

Best wishes.

Kevin Chan said...


Looks like I still am suffering from writer's block of some kind. Finally have the time to start blogging again but the entire layout of this blog is just so not me. And I really think that I've lost all my readers already.

How now?

Anonymous said...

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