Monday, August 04, 2008


Some days I have totally nothing to blog about, or I just am not in the mood to blog.

But some days I have so much to blog about, but yet another blog worthy event eats up all my blogging time again.

So just before I have to run off to get ready for the upcoming Hall bash tonight, some photos from the weekend.

Pouting in the sun.

It sure was hot, but we sure did have fun.

Did I mention how much I love my Panic shirt?

The crazy Singfest people with Bollocks Guy!

And did a certain someone mention that he managed to meet and greet Jason Mraz in person? And have a picture taken with him?


More pics will come up soon after I get all my things settled.

Uni life is so fun that 3 years seems too short now. Now to run off for my Hall Bash at Zouk (it's only for $2!).

I'm loving it!


Update 5th August 2008, 2:10 AM

Back from Hall Bash and I can tell you that trying to pack all the hall campers into Zouk is one bad idea. There's no more place to really dance the way I like it. Somewhere bigger, like MOS would have been so much better.

And guys, alcohol ain't your friend. There's no point going home drunk and unable to enjoy the rest of the night, or puke on your best friend's shirt. Seriously.

Real men drink water, not vodka when they want to last all night at a club.

Someday I should come up with a club that actually serves water instead of alcohol so more can stay up and party all night.


Hamlet's Hero out.


Update 5th August 2008, 3AM

I know it's stupid to stay awake till so late today but I just realised something awesome.

You're not on that pedestal anymore. Definitely not anymore.

Now, I'll really go and sleep well.



Evelyncyl said...

Jason Mraz!!! *squeals*

Kevin Chan said...

And did I mention that we're now on a first name basis? Jason knows my name now. (:

Narcissist said...

You're lucky your name ain't feeng shoo or something like that, how malu, 'wassup jason, i'm feng shu'

... haha. quickly update on Singfest!!! -cui

Anonymous said...

Fuck you! You're using my lines now! I am the one doing the bragging! I am the one who brought you with me to meet Mraz!

But I still love ya!


Kevin Chan said...


Will do so when the weekend comes around. Really busy trying to handle and adjust to uni life lah. (:


Haha, looks like two can play at the same game! When's the pic coming out?