Saturday, August 02, 2008

Unnaturally Early.

Last night was my very first night sleeping at Hall 5. And so I had quite some trouble sleeping. There were lights by my window, random noises in the hallway but most irritatingly, and my cough that was keeping me awake.

And did I mention all my excitement for Singfest 08 later today?

So yeah, it took me some time to drift into dreamland last night.

But look at me now.

I bounded out of bed at 7:45 AM today, when I usually do so grudgingly at 11 AM the earliest.

Is this the power of NTU's clean, fresh morning air?

Or am I just too bloody excited?

Or maybe Twino's the one who's more excited?

Thank God I'm well enough to scream today.

Just checked in the hall yesterday and I'm going to be out for two days already. But it sure is going to be worth it. I just know it. Happening pictures will ensue.

Hamlet's Hero out.