Saturday, September 13, 2008

Organizational Behaviour.

Sometimes I think that the periods in which I am most creative occur during the oddest times. Earlier this week, during my organizational behaviour seminar session, I had a sudden creative urge to draw.

We had just completed our Article Arena presentation and my hands were just itching to draw.

Bridging Faultlines in Diverse Teams by team Elmo!

And so draw I did. As my OB group is named Elmo, and a really cute picture of Elmo was projected on the screen, I decided to draw Elmo!

"La la la la, la la la la, Elmo's song!"

And here is Elmo in colour!

Elmo in full Technicolor!

And in a moment of inspiration I proceeded to draw another Elmo! One not so suited for a life on Sesame Street!

What Elmo would look like if he were evil.

And speaking of more sinister Elmos, take a look at this absolutely hilarious YouTube vid on how Elmo is actually like behind the scenes!

Isn't Elmo just so nasty?

One thing about OB class is that my tutor, Trevor, is wont to give out sweets and chocolates to those that participate in class by answering his questions. We had an M&M wrapper on the table and then inspiration struck once again.

The M&M's were smiling happily at me...

"What if the M&M's turned dark, bloated and twisted? Hmmmm..."

And after some drawing and some giggling from my teammates at my table, presenting to you:

When M&M's go dark and evil!

Isn't class just fun?


On an unrelated note, the Malaysian government has really crossed the line this time by not only detaining Raja Petra Kamaruddin under the ISA, but has also moved to detain Teresa Kok and a reporter from Sin Chew Jit Poh.

What is happening to our country? When a senior politician outright makes clearly seditious, extremely racist remarks, all he gets is a soft pat on his bum, but they just throw supporters of the opposition in jail for no rhyme or reason!

I really think that Malaysians from all walks of life have really had enough of the Barisan government pushing us all around like that. We've really had enough nonsense already.

The people shouldn't be afraid of their governments, and it should be the governments that should be afraid of their people.

I really believe that if all Malaysians hold their ground and decide to stop taking all this nonsense from the government, we can actually make a difference. It's enough! We're supposed to be a democracy here!

I've already had way too much ISA nonsense already. You?

Let's see what happens this coming September 16th. Will it be a day which students 20 years down the road learn about during history lessons? For good? For bad?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Update 15th September, 12:10AM:

For all of you taking Organizational Behaviour this semester!

Courtesy of Apple: History of Organizational Behaviour Studies

It's quite an interesting website! Thanks Apple!


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Kevin Chan said...

Thanks Apple! In fact I've just got a long assignment on OB due during the term break! It's really interesting reading!

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