Monday, December 15, 2008

Medical Expenses.

I finally have something to write about, but even though I slept the whole day, I'm still in no condition to write as I still am in a drug induced stupor due to the horrible, horrible flu that plagues me now.

Yes, I kid you not.

And I have like $40+ worth of medicinal pills and capsules all scattered over my desk. My head's in such a mess and the state of the room really mirrors how I feel inside. Messed up, apathetic and tired.

Let's see how things are back home.


ChongX said...

dude you better take care k?
we must hang out before you head back to kl (:

Stefanie said...

Get well soon okie? :) Take good care and have a good holiday :) :) x

Anonymous said...

EH kev,
Where've you been? Dodging all my msges, retard?