Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Lighthouse

Remember, you will not find true joy in sleeping, in relaxing or in spending your time like an idler. As Benjamin Disraeli said:'The secret of success is the constancy of purpose.' The happiness you are searching for comes through reflecting on the worth aims you are dedicated to achieving and then taking action daily to advance them.
- The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

But that's just what I have been up to lately - floating around in a purposeless haze, living the life of an idler. And I know not of a worse personal hell to sink into.

I once used to be a little boy with big dreams, I wanted to reach for the stars, and that drive kept me going, kept me working.

Now I am a bigger boy, but where have the dreams gone? Life without worthwhile dreams is a life just not worth it. You have no compelling reason to jump out of the bed in the morning; no powerful drive to force you out of the covers.

You end up merely existing, certainly not living.

I want to know that spirited young boy once again. That little boy who knew no boundaries and dared to dream. That little boy that was genuinely excited about his great big adventure in life and was bouncing around, trying to carry out his great plans.

Let me know myself again, let me know those dreams, let me know my Dharma.

Let the idleness stop, and let it all be clear.

May I see it clearly before me, like a lighthouse shining bright on a warm summer night.

When all is clear, there will be no fear.


Pauline Yap said...

Hi Kevin, I'm Pauline here, bumped into your blog thru nuffnang's featured blogger. I thought this article is inspiring and nice reading, so thanks ya. Bye!

Kevin Chan said...


You are too kind! So nice of you to drop by and leave such a nice comment. I'll definitely keep writing if nice people like you keep dropping by! (:

Chye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kevin Chan said...


Ahh, I miss you lah Chye. (:

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