Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Lurve Affair with Drama

If there's something that I really am in love in, and happen to have so much in my life, it's just her - my dear Miss Drama.

Drama is just everywhere in my life, and even if I do try to ignore her, I can't as I am just so intimately intertwined with her.

When I decide to go to One Utama for a shopping trip, she tags along...


When I decide to take a dip in the local swimming pool, she's there!

Lord GaGa says hi!

Even in university I end up in a musical surrounded with drama (and made to dress up in funny costumes)!

This is so bad, that even when I wanted to film a video for this very competition, DRAMA befell us once again...

In the form of having the car broken into and having my baby laptop which had just won at the Nuffnang Stand Out party last month stolen!

Yes, at this very party!

It happened near Atria in Damansara Jaya and we really just didn't expect it! Imagine having your car broken into and finding your prized laptop stolen when you just dropped in the local Giant to buy watermelons!

The poor smashed window. ):

Yes, all because we went down for a moment to buy watermelons!

Drama, drama!

But because my love for drama was that strong, even though we did have to spend most of the night sitting around in police stations to make the said police report, my team and I still pressed on to get the video done, at any cost.

Emo time at the police station. ):

After losing the HP laptop, we had to win that Macbook Pro that Kraft is offering!

We Nuffnang crazies keep going and get the job done at any cost!

Girls + Lurve = What more can a guy ask for?

We worked throughout the night, only snacking on Lurve Multigrain chips to regain our strength...

Yay we have yummy food (beware the axe)!

And taking some breaks posing with Lurve chips too! And we can tell you for a fact that they are awesome to have breaks with! Especially like this...

Lurve love!

And they did indeed sustain us through that hard, hard night!

A little watermelon juice did wonders too!

And we present to you, my own personal Lurve affair.



Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Woah yet another production from Hamlet's hero.
Keep it up superstar ;p

Kevin Chan said...

HAHAHA! Not superstar yet lah TianChad! Maybe if you keep dropping by I will be one someday! AHAHAH!

Congrats on your win on the Flava Roast competition! :D

Pork Chop said...

DRAMA King! hehe :P

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

eyy Kev! Fuck u man, u shouldve given that bottle of Chivas to me rather than your stoopid floor tiles!



dreamydolls said...

hahahahahahahaha.... damn cute la...will vote for u...

QQ said...

Saw you featured on Nuffnang this month. When I took the first peek at your picture. OMG! WOW! GAY!! Then saw your Lurve vids. OMG! You got bad taste in girls too! Summor said wanna be like sohai kenny? Lame Gayf.uck! Go suck a d!ck to safe your life you fags!

Kevin Chan said...


There's more where that bottle came from lah. :P Alcohol ain't good for you anyway!


Hahahha, thanks! (:
Happy that you liked the vid!

debra fong said...

oh gosh, i love this another video of yours. HAHA! you're brilliant la kevin :D

Kevin Chan said...

Hahaha, want to star in the next vid, Debra? :D

Yr holidaying too now, right?

Anonymous said...

gayfuck like u can go die la !!! planet earth don't need gays like u !! asshole !!

Sean Lon said...

wow! sorry 2 hear bout yr stolen laptop. funny vid! really crack me up! i like the expression ! breaking stuff n all! hahaha!

cheez said...



mad respect tho.

sorry to hear about the theft ><

Kevin Chan said...

Alcohol is bad and should be just lontared away lah! :D No point drinking so much oneeee! Visit us (Chongx and I) if you ever drop by Singapore lahhhh!

keith said...

gay shit...

keith said...

and..go and suck devilcock in hell, you faggotdwaft

kenwooi said...

haha.. hope you win the macbook la..! =)

Kevin Chan said...


I really hope so too. (: *keeps fingers crossed*