Friday, November 14, 2008

Artistic License.

I'm in the midst of my exams, but I just have no mood to study lately.

A little portion of Joshua Yang's, Impossibility if the Superstring Theory.

It's just like after my OB exam on Wednesday morning, the 'study' switch in me just went off, and I feel like i'm just floating around in a carefree state of artistic bliss.

The artistic impulse inside my head just keeps getting louder and louder. I want to just go free and see in my mind's eye vast panoramas of magical fantasy; strange, impossible shapes that defy the laws of reality; and the simple, sweet beauty of flowers on a wild, highland field.

I want to experience, imagine and create the beautiful, the sublime, the agreeable and the good at the same time, all in one piece.

Behold, the infinite wonders of the universe! - the main part of Joshua Yang's,
Impossibility if the Superstring Theor

But then again I have my exams, and my statistics book has been open in front of me, untouched for the past couple of hours.

Caught between these two courses of action, I find myself in a state of limbo, just idling in the vast emptiness of cyberspace...

And on a totally unrelated note, Impresario is everywhere in Singapore. The biennale was not spared either.

Guess Jimmy and Sam left their mark nice and clear at the biennale!

As Jimmy would have so aptly put it: WAH BO JIO!

Oh well, guess it is high time to get back to statistics now.


Back to work!


ChongX said...

you know who to turn to if you need help for stats bro (: