Saturday, November 15, 2008

What happens when you have no control over your mind.

The Buddha also once said:

"Use and train your mind to get what you want instead of letting your mind use you to get what it wants."

Realize that you have the potential to live the life of our dreams, only if we first break out of the mental programming that is holding us back.

A lot of the time people are just slaves of their minds, their programming, and we often just go through life as just like robots reading off a program. But we are more than that. We are more than just animals who just follow their instinctual programming because our faculties of reason allow us to think, reflect, and break out of our disempowering beliefs, creating a brighter destiny for ourselves.

And it all starts with the smallest of things, just realizing that we are indeed more than the sum of the programming that we've been through all our lives, that we actually have power to choose the beliefs and thoughts that we carry in our minds. And that makes all the difference.


renaye said...

very true!

KJ said...

Hi Kevin,

Back again. Hope you don't mind.

Another good food for thought. Well, that is why when I complain how much I hate a particular subject back in secondary school, my Dad would always tell me to enter class with an open-mind, not a pre-conceived one. It does make the subject a little bit bearable, though!!!

"we actually have power to choose the beliefs and thoughts that we carry in our minds"

-True. There's always a famous line which is related to your abovementioned statement: we are the master of our own destiny.

Unfortunately, I sometimes don't believe in that quote. We are not always in control of everything that happens in our lives. I mean if we were, the PESTEL framework would not have existed!! We are social creatures after all.

But don't let my above paragraph stop anybody from pursuing their dreams. After all, there are success stories of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and etc. These people found what they loved, never settled, and always believed that God would somehow connect the dots for them in the end. And then, once they found what they were looking for, they worked hard. It didn't matter if they started out poor, and it didn't matter if they had to overcome some significant challenges along the way. Oprah Winfrey, for instance, got raped, but that didn't stop her now, did it? Always have the courage to believe everything would all work out in the end.

But one thing I believe is that our journey lies in the hands of God the Almighty. My justifications: When, how and where that mortal line cuts, man has no control over, nor will he be able to fathom the mystery of life that lies in the hands of God. In the presence of His infinite glory, man finds himself reduced to a helpless and insignificant being..

Sorry for such a long comment. Yeah, I know it's rather out of topic. Hope you don't mind me digressing.

All the best and may God bless you, Kevin.

melly said...

hi scandal!!! all the best for exams!!! xoxo. haha (: Yea this is soooo random haha

ChongX said...

let's get our mind working boy and start our burger business soon!! roar roar!! RAMLI RAMLI HERE WE COME (:

Kevin Chan said...


Thanks for dropping by!


Yup, well although we may not have 100% control over our lives, I do believe that we should do our very best and then only let God do the rest. Yes, we may not be able to predict what happens in our lives, but we can do one thing - control how we perceive the events in our lives. It's all a matter of personal perspective. A child can learn to look a drugs as a vile plague of modern society or as an instrument of pleasure and release. It's all a matter of outlook and perspective I believe.

Thank you so much for your input KJ! I really appreciate it! Long comments like yours always make my day. (:


Thanks scandal! Must come visit me kay?


We must really do something soon lah! Cannot just leave it just at that okay? (:

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