Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bed rest.

I just feel remarkably lethargic and tired today. One of those days where the life force has been sucked dry from the shell that we call our bodies and you're left hanging to whatever scraps of energy you have left. But I guess I'm just being overtly melodramatic.

One thing is clear though - good music heals the soul. Brings us back to life. Helps us remember that even in a world plagued by famine, war, disease (blasted H1N1!) and the tyranny of many, many evil men - this world is still way more good than bad, that life really is just one big miracle that we are all in together.

Zee Avi made me feel that way with her music today.

Listening to her music just made me happy.
And with that I'm off to bed.

P.S. : To all of you that supported the Spartan Invasion of One Utama, THANK YOU!
It's so heartwarming to read all of your encouraging comments!