Thursday, June 04, 2009

Tony and Khairy

Had the chance to see Tony Pua and Khairy Jamaluddin verbally spar and entertain us with their wisecracks yesterday at the "New America, One Malaysia" forum at the JW Mariott Hotel yesterday.

They were so damn funny that Andrew Loh even went on to comment that they should form a comedy duo. I totally concur.

How does Tony and Khairy sound to you? I bet they'll beat Phua Chu Kang any day.


Andrew Loh said...


but aww poor kevin fell sick

was a good night though

Kevin Chan said...

Hahah, yeah what to do. Tried to sleep early but still ended waking up in the middle of the night. ):

roger said...

The Tony and Khairy Show.

I think local TV could really use an act like that.