Sunday, June 14, 2009

I missed Saturday's Star Metro!

Earlier this morning I received SMSes from Roger and Chuan that sounded a little bit like this:

Roger: Eh, our pictures are in the newspaper lol!
Chuan: We appeared in the newspaper already!

And I had no way of checking that article out as I was still on Pulau Tioman meditating and contemplating life.

I was serious!

I've just got back from a wonderful family holiday at Tioman, but now since I can't find a copy of the Star for sale, I got to wait till tomorrow find someone who has a copy. Oh well.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments that I have been getting over the past week. It really is heartwarming to know that people out there share my crazy sense of humour and that I am not alone in my quest to do crazy, crazy things.

Expect more to come from this space, and I'll post a scan of the article when I can. Cheers people!


Here are the pictures from Star Metro! But sadly they were far from flattering.

Oh well, but it's still the papers! (:


Stefanie said...

boo :P :P i am keeping ur metro article just for u lol.. will pass it to u when i see you. x

roger said...

Want me to scan it and put it up?

Kevin Chan said...

Got the pics and posted em up already! (:

su said...

zomg you guys won toilet paper! hows that for civilisation