Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In the car.

Yes, you read me right. I am writing this post from the very inside of my car. I have my laptop on my lap, with it's screen partially resting on my steering wheel. I'm using the wireless connection from a nearby Starbucks and the thrill of surfing the web - minus having to buy the obligatory coffee or two - feels awesome.

It's been so long since I've really just written about my life on this blog. Not that anyone would want to read about it anyway. Or do you? Or do you just want to read about the funny and crazy things that I do?

But it's not like I really care today. Today I'm just gonna be talking a little bit about myself. Some stream-of-conciousness sort of writing. Something cathartic.

The holidays have turned out vastly different from what I expected them to be. At the beginnning of my holidays I already made clear travel plans to travel to Phuket, Vietnam and then Melbourne in July. The tickets were bought and paid for, and I was all set to go.

Then the swine flu hit. Apparently it wasn't safe to travel to Phuket and Vietnam, so I cancelled. Then Melbourne hit the news as the swine flu capital of the world.

It felt like there was someone up there with a big magnifying glass burning up my hopes and dreams for travel just like that.

And I'm stuck here with this intense need to just go somewhere and experience some adventure - to go somewhere I've never gone before, to experience different climates and seasons, to do things I never done before.

And since my 1 month long trip to Melbourne has been called off, I have to now figure out some way to do that here. Right here in KL.

There's no point complaining about it and feeling sorry for myself at this point, and if I keep complaining, it only means that I'm not working towards a solution here.

And there's this other issue, that I feel that my past couple of days have been immensely unproductive. I've been spending way too much time sitting on my chair, surfing cracked.com, gizmodo and facebook instead of actively pursuing my goals.

It's like the total lack of structure of the holidays is screwing up my productivity somehow. I need to get more organized!

Sigh. Yet more organizational angst.

Yup, so I've got it all out of my system, I hope.

I'll be down in Singapore to do some soul searching till Sunday. Let's see if my life gets more sorted out then. If anyone has any really awesome projects to work on, let me know. I really want to dive into producing some meaningful work.

Take care people,
Hamlet's Hero.


Anonymous said...

I bet you're darn inspired by Chuck.

Kevin Chan said...

Haha, thank God I don't have a swimming pool with the suction thingamajig. (:

nimalan said...

you should've come to london