Wednesday, August 26, 2009


For those of you that follow this blog, you may know that I have always loved both watching and creating short films! I always wanted to film a short, sweet film that really communicates a strong message.

And then came along.

15 short films about what it means to be Malaysian, 15 different directors, 1 beloved country!

Here are a few of the first few films released:

"Potong Saga"




I found "House" by Linus Chung especially poignant and touching. If you have to choose one of the four videos I've posted, watch "House".

Support! It's about time that Malaysia's talent gets some recognition!



Linus Chung just commented on my blog and I just realised that he is a Nuffnang blogger too!
If you are interested to read up on more of his thoughts on his new short, "House", check his blog right here.

And do watch the Making of "House" too! It's on YouTube! I want to make cool shorts like this too someday!


yinkoon said...

hi. i like the house. it may not make me laugh but it leaves a deep meaning in me. i like "house".

min means yasmin ahmad?

Kevin Chan said...

House is just so touching lah! I think that most of us are lucky enough to never really know what it means to be homeless in the way that little boy was left homeless at the end of the film. ):

And yeah I would think so that Min referred to Yasmin.

Pamela said...

Potong Saga was one funny video clip. LOL. House was touching, it reminds us how fortunate we are at times.

And yes, I do think that some Malaysian productions deserve recognition, especially ones like these that reflect upon and offer insights into the Malaysian culture and lifestyle.

Kevin Chan said...


Yeah lah! It's such a shame that even though we have such talent our country routinely sends (to some of them at least) the police to their door and scare them away from Malaysia and put nonsense like "Gerak Khas" on national TV!

Such a shame lah!


Linus Linnaeus said...

Thanks for liking my film.
Linus Chung

Kevin Chan said...

Hey Linus! Thanks for commenting on my blog and I really want to tell you that your film really managed to touch me deeply. It really was a good short and keep up the good work!

Interesting to note that you are a Nuffnang blogger too!

People like you make us Malaysians proud. (: