Sunday, August 16, 2009

My dear friend, the Model (to be!)

This is my dear friend, Wing Chuan, and he is a dentist-to-be that aspires to be a model one day.

This is the photo he submitted in his application.

In order to make his dream a reality, he went for the recent Malaysia Supermodel Search audition at the Curve earlier this year just to give it a shot.
He even made me help him get that perfect shirt and the right he needed to ace that interview.

And he came to me recently with news that he made it through that very first round!

But now in order to proceed with the competition he needs SMS votes! In order to showcase his pure awesomeness and to solicit your very precious vote, we shot this video when he was down here in Singapore holidaying two weeks ago!

Beach Mayhem

Vote for Wing Chuan today by texting "MSS18" to 36828 today!
(This is applicable to Malaysian cell phone numbers and costs RM0.50 per vote)

Give him a fighting chance at being Malaysia's next supermodel today! Anyone who can rip off his clothes and steal the girl like that definitely deserves to go into the next round!

Vote for Wing Chuan today!


And I am just gushing over this Taylor Swift MV:

Things like this just bring out the hopeless romantic in me. If only magical things like that would happen in reality. But one can still dream.


Sia Ling Ling said...

haha.. sincerely felt the video image of him look better than the photo he submit for the entry. All the best to your friend, Kevin.

Kevin Chan said...

Hahahah, I guess he had been working out at the gym during the period between when that photo was taken and when we shot the video. Thanks so much for your support!

happy said...

Well she has a round nose(Asian like, high bridge(western), small eyes(Asian), but the eyelids(western), chin(western), cheekbones are high X). But what else can say she is AWESOME!!! Perseverance once done long enough becomes a habit.