Saturday, August 08, 2009

This is where I will be sleeping tonight... NUS.

This is where I will be sleeping tonight, a quiet room in an unspecified hall in NUS.

Finally, a really comfy mattress!

Thank God for good friends, seriously!

I was walking along the Bras Basah complex after dinner and I saw a homeless old man just sleeping on the cold concrete with his few possessions just right next to him. As dire as my situation may seem to me, I really am just so lucky to always manage to find some way to keep a roof over my head, be it in a kind friend's room or in some university reading room.

But I really need to do more to get myself of this rut by finding some way to make enough money for me to afford to get a place of my own.

And so I decided to drop by the Singapore Nuffnang office to just see how they're doing down there and chat with Ming about working there.

And Ming told me to check out their rooftop. So we did.

That's Adelyn, a junior of mine in SA who is also in debate, on the rooftop.

If you think that the tables and grassy rooftop isn't cool enough, wait till you see the next picture.

It's a pretty cool pool!

Yup, they have a freaking pool just above their workplace!

Now I'm definitely going to work there if they take me in!


adelynyeoh said...

omg totally unglam shot!!!!

Kevin Chan said...

I think it's a pretty cute photo though! :P

Sia Ling Ling said...

Cool.. take me in too.. :P

Kevin Chan said...

Hahaha, take you in where? NUS? LOL!

Dav DiDi said...

wow!i also want to work there!!

Kevin Chan said...

Hahahah, nice right? :P I would really like the pool right now!