Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Update

Hey guys, it's been some time since I've posted. I've been really busy with school, trying to find a CCA so I can earn points for hall next year and reading a really thick book on the life of Warren Buffet, "The Snowball".

I've really tried to iron the creases in my life out but I still face the same issues I did a month ago - homelessness, financial dependence on my parents and not as much willpower as I would like to have. I really hope to make progress in those three major areas and make it all better.

Well, one thing that I can be proud of is my new website, at! I have always wanted to have a dedicated blog to personal improvement and I have finally started one! I have been writing tons of really interesting articles concerning the three aspects of love, health and wealth with relation to personal development and am really excited about posting them and maintaining that blog!

So, give a visit and make sure you bookmark it or at least add it on your RSS feed! I am really trying to come up with original articles that will hopefully motivate you guys out there as well as share the knowledge of personal development that I have picked up over the years! Also, I am using it as a personal journal of sorts to chart my personal development over time.

As for this blog, as I am back in Singapore and do not have my direct support group I had the privelege of leaning on back in Malaysia, it has been difficult to come up with the next earth-shattering stunt.

But as it is always, life is unpredictable. So continue to watch this space. Who knows what will come up next?

P.S. If you know of any freshmen in NTU who are moving out of Hall, let me know ASAP! I still really need to find a permanent place to stay there! It would be heaven to finally have a desk, chair and wardrobe all to myself again!