Friday, December 14, 2007

The Economics of Fitness

I nearly joined a fitness club today.

Walked past Celebrity Fitness with Roger at 1 Utama and realised that they offer Yoga and Qigong classes (which I mentioned earlier I was interested in learning). Ended up approaching the sales rep and was shown around the premises of the fitness club. Must admit that the club looked pretty impressive; it had two studios for the various fitness classes they offer, a room dedicated to this whole new craze where people listen to upbeat music and cycle at the same time, as well as a whole lot of standard exercise equipment that you can find anywhere else.

The price offered was good, but parents did not seem too willing to part with their cash for me to undergo such fitness courses on such a short term. I guess they do have a point - Yoga and Qigong aren't disciplines that begin to show results overnight - you really got to work on those exercises for months before you begin seeing any results and going for such a course for such a short time would be a waste of money, but I still want to learn to do so else where. So if anyone reading this knows of somewhere that I can learn such disciplines on a short term basis somewhere in PJ, let me know ya?

Guess money does play an important role in many, many parts of our lives. Really need to learn how to get good at making money soon as an abundance of money does help improve many things in one's life. Having enough money and being financially secure does provide us more time to spend life the way it should be spent - with the ones that matter most to you - not spending it chasing the odd dollar or two.

That's why another thing on my agenda other than getting fitter and healthier is to learn on how to become financially secure. It's not job security I'm after, but the ability to have enough income coming in through passive sources even when we are in difficult economic times.

Working on this book right now, please suggest other good books on the topic please if you know of them. More income flowing into my pocket can really do me good.

Top 5 things I would do right now with a larger income:
1. fly over to HK to be with my muse
2. get started with my Yoga and Qigong lessons
3. get a computer upgrade (this one can't even run Hellgate smoothly!)
4. buy everyone I love wonderful Christmas presents
5. get a wonderfully sparkly ring

On a different note, wish you were right here with me now, beside me.

Got a real tulan look on my face right now, hope that I can see you soon.