Saturday, December 15, 2007

In the Pearl of the Orient: Episode 1

Currently writing this from the hotel room in Penang. Currently staying at the Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Penang). I'm quite amazed that this hotel offers free complimentary brodband. Its still quite rare to find hotels that offer broadband free these days.

This trip to Penang has been a real food trail. First stop was at Bidor where dad brought us to this shop which sold famous chicken biscuits. Weirdly enough, that shop was more famous not for its biscuits, but for its herbal duck noodles which were great and had a wonderful, light herbal flavour which was thankfully not too overpowering. The noodles had an unique flavour which was due to the creative ingredients of its broth such as dried lychees and duck. The prawn "wanton" there was also a winner due to its use of fresh tiger prawns which gave the dish a really crunchy side to it which was awesome. Gotta go off to dinner now for more seafood. Will post more on my food trip soon. Photos will soon ensue too.

Needless to say, I was missing you so badly, with my phone obediently in my pocket throughout the journey.