Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Getting Things Straight

Things are pretty much in a mess right now. Quick recap:

Top Interesting things I want to do (Dec 07):
1. Somehow learn how to make big money
2. Learn Qigong 3. Go rock climbing
4. Actually stick to an exercise routine
5. Be the owner of a fantastic, frequently updated blog
6. Be the best son, (ok la and relative too) boyfriend and friend that I can be

Guess I'm still somehow procrastinating. Can't honestly say that I've got any of these things done. Going to bed these days all spent, without spending time to reflect and think about achieving my goals. I believe that daily reflection is important. Used to do so on a daily basis while I was still living in McNair, but it's really hard to find a quiet, cosy spot to do so these days with everybody over.

Procrastinating ain't good

But I shall not procrastinate. Must not delay doing things that I have to do. I shall now make a new to-do list.

Kevin's New To Do List 19-12-07:
1. Buy stuff - Get presents for relatives and friends
- Get new IDD card
2. Do research on paintball venues and invite people
3. Get started on project

Yup, that should be enough for now. Remind me ya if I forget to get these things done.

Also, please contact me if anyone is interested on paintballing on friday or saturday around the PJ area. Gotta get out of the house and score some paintball kills soon!

Call ya later baby.