Thursday, December 20, 2007

Everything you're not

There was a boy, and there was this girl. They met each other and they were happy, but fate brought them apart for a little while. For just a little while they had to be apart.

The girl sought the fates. The fates told her that even though she thought her boy was great, someone would come along, and that someone would be everything her boy was not. Lets be realistic here, even though she loved her boy, he was incomplete - he was emotional, sensitive and he wasn't a rich prince to say the least. Supposedly, this complete Ace of Swords was to come by and be better for her in all so many ways.

The boy listened patiently and didn't know what to think. Sure, he's not perfect, but what can he do more than love his girl with all his heart than he does already? He does occasionally overreact and needs constant reassurance that his girl needs him as much as he needs her, but what can he do about it? How can he be more perfect than this perfect man?

He wonders what goes through his girl's mind - would she leave this imperfect soul once the perfect one comes along? When she brings the subject up, he thinks - am I but a stepping stone for her, and that I'm just one guy that she's with before she finds that perfect guy for her?

He reminisces about the day he made her his - he got the gift ready, painstakingly made with all the love in the world; and in his heart he was sure, one hundred percent sure, that he would have her rather than anyone else in this whole wide world. Anyone else.

He just doesn't understand when she tells him that this world is uncertain, and that someone better may come up in the future. Cause he's already decided. He knows that only one person can decide who he truly loves, and it definitely is not the fates. His mind is made up, and it just baffles him when she tells him that she's not.

He needs her to grab his hand and tell him not to go off when he's feeling down. She does.