Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why Love Hurts: Part 1

Love has to hurt for you to truly know that it's love. What's the point of a fledgling romance if everything goes to plan, with everything falling neatly into place, not requiring any effort put in from the parties involved? What you get then would be to many a dream, a perfect dream to us all, but let us remember that we don't live a dream in this world. We're quite awake, and the world bites. It bites hard, so hard that we sometimes forget that it bites not just that we feel hurt, but to let us learn that some things are worth going for even though it may hurt at times. When you find something like that, that may hurt you like no other thing in existence, but you still find the will to hold on, you know you've found love.

True love.


mishop said...

Love doesn't hurt if you're truly in love with someone. If true love hurts, why even bother falling in love? If loving someone and being love means being hurt, then that is not love. God thought us to love because He knew that love would be the most wonderful feeling we can cherish for the rest of our life. The question here is, do you really know how true love feels like? I know a lot of peers at our age often consider their short term flings as 'love'.

Do not hold on to a love that is merely an illusion of your heart. If love is meant to be, it will find its way to you. And true love can never be painful.

Oh btw, I'm Min Huei's friend, and I'm not some cranky weirdo. And I' apologise if I'm unable to fully convey my message/opinion to you in written words but I hope you get the basic understanding of my msg anyway. HAHA. Bye