Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Binary Therapy.

I never have been someone who lacks something to talk about. I'm quite the opposite - thoughts of all sorts, all colours and all shapes are whizzing around in that head of mine and I'm at a loss at what I should write about. There's just so much to say. About life, about people, about everything.

It's been quite some time since I last updated my blog. In these past couple of days there just has been so much going on - outings with dear old friends, meeting old teachers, the DJ prefects installation, music, and getting reacquainted with old fiction. There's just so much going on that I somehow just need some space to retreat into and just think.

I feel that finding your own space and musing on your private thoughts is something extremely underrated. I realized over the past few days that I really missed the hour or so I used to spend alone with my thoughts before I drift off to dreamland every night when I was still studying in DJ. That was so because my mother used to ask me to sleep early as I was still schooling.

When I went to Singapore and started keeping up obscenely late nights, I barely had any time for myself, my thoughts, because when I laid my head on my pillow, I was already dead tired and fell straight asleep.

Maybe that's why I want to travel so much, to go somewhere new, different, strange, and just find time for myself to just ponder over the wonder of my own existence. But strangely enough, I managed to rediscover that childlike wonder for the world and life that one beautiful night.

It was like an enlightenment of sorts. Suddenly I felt this divine light that engulfed my entire existence. It was a golden, calming warm light, and it made me realize that whoever we are, and however flawed we are, we're still part of God's divine light.

And that's more than reason enough to shine with all our might and light up this beautiful world and colour it with bedazzling thoughts worthy of the creator.


Shin L Ryuuzaki said...

I agree with your point of view that everyone needs a little time when they're alone. To me, it's a type of informal meditation.

Bill-eee said...

Everyone needs their personal spacing out time. It's just how badly you need it at that point of time.

Kevin Chan said...


Yep. It sure is important to get your batteries all charged up again. Because of that I ended up not blogging for a while. (:


Yeah, but the thing is that sometimes people pursue it in destructive ways, like binge drinking, smoking, drunk sex...

Meditation works great, really.