Monday, July 07, 2008

To the island and back again.

Somehow I just feel exhausted and out of juice now. I think it's because of the recent trip down to Singapore over the weekend and all that swimming yesterday. Everything seems to be flying by at such an alarming rate now. Even college day is over now. University really is going to be starting soon, but I somehow don't feel ready just yet.

Going down to Singapore over the weekend just makes me realise how much I miss my friends back there. Maria, I really need you here! I just can't shop without you! And we always have the craziest and funnest times together! I miss you so much! I guess going back won't be so bad after all as I have so many people that mean the world to me back there. The Brunch Bunch forever!

The Brunch Bunch at it's finest!

Brunch won't ever be the same again without the Brunch Bunch. All the jokes shared, honest Freudian slips and the good times.

When JC life gets harder, the Brunch Bunch get crazier!

We have the coolest of conversations. When I met up with Raksha and the others on Friday, I distinctly remember this conversation we had above so many other things.

It went something like this:

Raksha: I remember my brother asking me the stupidest question earlier today.

Kevin: What did he ask?

Raksha: He asked me (pauses for a few seconds for dramatic effect) "Why do girls complain when they're raped?"

Everyone else: WTF!!!

Raksha: (continuing) "... isn't it just surprise sex? Shouldn't they enjoy it?"


I miss my dearest shopping buddy, and my brunch bunch. I really do. Who else talks about rape as surprise sex?

Uni is just going to be great with these people around and close by. I just know it.