Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Fastest (And Loudest) Year Yet.

It's the 29th of July already.

Nearly eight whole months have whizzed past my eyes and flew into the realm of the past already. But those were such great eight months.

When 2008 started out, I was a wreck. I didn't have any idea where I was headed, or what I had to do, if I had any purpose in life left. I was hanging on for the sake of hanging on.

Then my close friends around me made me realize that there always was a reason to hang on once you realize that this world in it's entirety is beauty. I realized how lucky I was to have people who were there for me to take me out for a screaming session at a karaoke booth when I was down, and who surprised me with the sweetest ever brownie cake when I needed it most.

And then there was that 2 months that I spent teaching in DJ. It all began with a short phone call from Tysern, and the next minute I was back in school walking into a class as a teacher. I know that I may have gone overboard here and there as a teacher in DJ but I must say that the entire experience really made me grow up as a person. A much better person.

Chong and Patrick, if it were not for our stint in DJ, we wouldn't be half as close as we are in NTU now. And life in NTU wouldn't be half as fun without you guys around. I guess thing's like these really make me think that all this was really fated to be from the very beginning.

Then it was the one nad a half months I spent working at SummerHill Realty. Working at SummerHill was truly my first experience of helping to manage a business, and it really opened my eyes to a lot of things. My experience as an administrative assistant there really gave context to the subjects that I was about to study in business school and now I can see how all that seemingly unrelated subjects are relevant to my future.

All the partying, heartfelt talks and yum-cha sessions in the past 8 months made time fly by at the speed of light, and here I am, a university student embarking on my whole new adventure at NTU.

If there's one important life lesson that I've truly learnt lately, it's this:
Life's short and time passes by the fastest when you're truly having fun. Live every moment to the very fullest.

And that's exactly how I want my new life in NTU to be - to be lived to the very fullest.


And that's why this weekend I'm attending the most happening music festival in Singapore, Singfest 08! And I got a weekend pass along with Hamlet and Roger!

Singfest 08!

Here's the lineup!

Lost Prophets
New Found Glory
Simple Plan
Crowned King
Melenie Subono

Alicia Keys
Panic at the Disco
Jason Mraz
One Republic
Stacie Orrico
Jamie Scott
Rick Astley
The Pussycat Dolls

(Check out the Singfest website at http://www.singfest.sg)

It's going to be awesome and thinking about it is getting me all excited already! I'll finally get to see Panic live on Sunday! *GRINS WIDELY*

Panic! At The Disco

So if any readers are going to be at Fort Canning park on either Saturday or Sunday, let me know! I'll be a great opportuity to hang out and chill to great music!

Now, I got to go back to my Singfest music diet to psych myself for the weekend!

Hamlet's Hero out!


Lynn.T said...

glad you're enjoying yourself there sweetie :D

miss you heaps.

Kevin Chan said...

Lynn! I miss you too! So much that there's an upcoming blogpost with you in it! (: It's coming out soon!

Take care dear!

lynn.t said...

oh...please please PLEASE try not to embarass me in anyway :D