Sunday, July 20, 2008

Going with the morning dew.

In less than eight hours time, I'll be on a bus en route towards Singapore. And this time, I'll be some time till I get to sleep on my comfy bed again in my nice cozy room.

I'm going to miss my little brother's loving little hugs, mummy's cooking, daddy's laughter and of course teasing Keefe all the time. I've been home for so long and it's so great that I don't want to leave. It's just too comfortable here.

But the clock is ticking. And time's just about up.

Gotta grab my bags and go with the morning dew.

Come noon, I'll be in Singapore again. Singapore, round two. This time, I'm gonna win. I'm gonna win big. Mark those words.


My freshman orientation camp is starting at 4pm tomorrow, and so it's going to be 5 days without access to the net for me.

Let's see what stories I'll have to tell when I get on the net again! I've got a feeling that it's going to be good!


Andrew Ong said...

Bon voyage and all the best! Make sure you've packed yourself some sachets of instant kick-ass-O :)

The prize is yours to win.

su said...

thanks kevin this post helped me in more ways than you know. :D

ern sheong said...


soon it's my turn.

and much much further than the little red dot

yeah win big and remember to share the winnings with us! :P (share as in tell la haha)

Kevin Chan said...


I know, and I hope that I can go all out to bag it for good this time!


(: I'm always glad to help in any way possible. We gotta meet again before you go. I'm really gonna miss you. ):


You know I will. Lets all collect great stories to share with each other ya?

Take care man!