Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's times like these which you really treasure.

No amount of money can buy friends like these.


Thank you so much for sticking with me through thick and thin; through somewhat sane times and those outrageously insane and everything.

I know that I'm not a master planner, and many a time I do end up organizing something at the very last minute, but you guys still made the effort to show up. And that makes all the difference.

We've left DJ for so long already, but I'm proud to say that I felt as though I never left. We're still as close now (if not closer) as we were before and I know that you guys are people that I can count on, till whenever and whatever.

It's going to be hard leaving you all for Singapore, but I know that wherever we go in the world, wherever we end up studying or working, we still have a place to go back to. The place we grew up - Petaling Jaya.

And I know, with all you guys around, it will be somewhere that I can come back to for many, many more years to come.

I wish each and every one of you the very, very best and you know I'll make the effort to keep in touch as I always do. You know I love you all so much.

Lets live our lives to the very fullest and come back with more stories to tell. I'll love to hear them all. All the crazy, crazy stories that are your lives.

And know that you can always come back to this blog. I'll be here. Keep in touch people!

Your one and only,

Hamlet's Hero


And I just realised that I didn't start packing yet. Panic panic!

Really, if I manage to pack in time I would be a hero for real.

Wait, didn't I pack at the very last minute the last time around?


electronicfly said...

hmph saya tidak dipanggil punya.

All the best in SG bro, and take care k?

Suh Ming said...

yea, call us like 6 hours before the party to invite us? LOL. good luck to you too! last night was fun. XD. i'll keep in touch. you know i always do. =)

Kevin Chan said...


Sorry fei! Everything was so last minute lah! ): Will meet up with you when I come back in Dec lah!


Sorry lah, a lot of things to do and pack (in fact I just finished packing). Yeah, and you know I'll always keep in touch too. We PKP II's rock lah. We're such sociable and nice people. =D


Stefanie said...

aiya.. dont so sad sad laa ;( there are pics on my blog too ;)