Thursday, July 31, 2008


I was cleaning my room the other day and I chanced upon this.

The Treasure Box!

Yes, it's the really cute box that Lizzie and Shean got for all of us at McNair! It even has Himbo written at the front!

But today I would like to pay closer attention to the post-it attached to the cover of the box.

A message from Nayan!

It's a little note that Nayan wrote and left on my table just before we all left Singapore. Yup, just before we all left.

The note reads:

Hey Kev,

It's 4AM in the morning and I just finished going through our room photos. Really cherish some of our great memories of the room 201, e.g.: Chinaman Kevin, Girlyman, imitating Mun Hon.

Really wish I have roomies like you in uni as well

Luv ya,


7th December 2008

Those were good times in McNair. Sure we did have our share of minor conflicts, but I wouldn't trade my roomies back there for the world. And now when I think about it, I really miss them. I miss teasing Mun Hon's robotic movements as he wakes up early in the morning, Seng Yen's facination with online tennis games, Nayan's books which overflowed into his bed, and Nikhil's antics with the (very friendly) China girls.

Mun Hon's leaving us for the UK, but I guess that everyone else is going to be coming back to Singapore real soon. We should all meet up sometime. People like you guys are real hard to find.

If only I can get such cool roommates in NTU too. Guess I'll find out soon too.


nayan said...

still luv u kevin....three of us are in same hall....come to NUS...or make a plan...wud reli wanna see ya...