Monday, February 04, 2008

Being a Teacher

I am now back as a teacher in DJ, and so far I must say that it has been a really interesting (but sometimes tiring) experience. Things are definitely picking up, I'm planning games and activities for my class and I really hope that the little time I spend with them will impact their lives positively in some way.

It feels good just to do my little bit to make things better in DJ, and I really hope that I can make a difference. It would really mean something if I can inspire the kids I teach, and I am willing to work for that.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I guess the kids come first these days since I'm teaching. Will keep you guys posted on what goes on in school ya? Drop by in the afternoons if you're free!

p.s. : what have you been teaching these kids la Mr Ho? Why are they all asking me to tell them dirty jokes every lesson? (:


Andrew said...

reeeeeeally omgomgomogmogmomgomogmomg!!!!

train my brother for debate okay. ;)

Kevin Chan said...

Which class is your brother in? Will try to do what I can man. Any ideas for classroom activities during civics period?

Angela said...

im ur 2jati..
u got msn?
mind to let me know about it?
lol,thx a lot!!