Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

"Hey Jude" is playing in the background now, right after "Lucy in the sky with diamonds". Listening to such songs makes me miss the one person who used to call me Lucy so much more. Miss you, Hamlet.

Really tired and feeling brain dead now. I even have to focus and think when my brother comes with add math questions.

Must say that school can really be tiring - It feels like a day in JC all over again, teaching in school and then meeting up with friends for dinner and pool, but I would be lying if I said that it isn't rewarding. Sure, its real hard to control the large classes we have these days (we have at least 40 pupils per class now), and marking the tall stacks of exercise books ain't easy, but having people that need you and honestly want to learn something from you is just sublime. That's just what keeps me going wanting to do my best to teach them well as well as give them an unforgettable time in class with my lessons.

"I know now why God was being funny, and put me in a scholar's class. T'was to meet you."

-Hamlet, said as "When my guitar gently weeps" gently played in the background.

People like you guys give me a reason to keep pressing on.

You're like a desert flower blooming bright despite the scorching sun, a symbol of hope and faith.

You just brighten up my day Hamlet, you just do. Gotta keep holding on!