Monday, February 18, 2008

Hamlet, oh Hamlet...

Been partying throughout the weekend and I have ended up neglecting this dear blog of mine quite a bit. So just some updates on my life so far.

Things in school have been going quite well. It really broke my heart when I got a new timetable and I had to give up my civics classes (and some of my moral classes) to teach art and English instead. Guess there's no use crying over spilt milk as people come and go in our lives. I just pray and hope that in my short stint teaching I have touched my students hearts and inspired them to live better and brighter lives.

Thank you, really, you students out there who have stood up and let me know that I have made a difference for the better in your lives - you really inspired me to work harder to speak out to even more of my students. I really hope that I can make a difference in this short stint that I'm helping out in DJ. Knowing these students has really made me realise how important giving back to the community is to me. Being able to make a difference in their lives would make all the difference in mine.

My friends have also been the best ever, both my new friends and old friends alike. Mr Chuah, Mr Abel, Mr Patrick and Mr Tysern have been the best teachers/colleagues ever. Teaching in DJ is just so much fun with them.

Other things in my life just seem to uncertain at this point. Its good, but I feel that I've lost control. Sometimes it seems to me that fate is a mean kid with a magnifying glass, and I'm but a little worker ant. Lately, whenever I seem to find something good in my life, fate conjures up this thing called distance and just whisks it all away, but that may be too extreme a view.

Thank God that there are things in my life so good and so sublime that give me the reason to push on, like my family and friends. You guys give me reason to push on and believe that things will eventually get better. I believe so too.

From one of the brightest shining stars in my life, Hamlet:

Rooftops and Revelations
You were the class monitor,
I was (and still am) the lazy fucker.

You did your assignments,
while I was doing time in Guantanamo Bay Confinement.

As different as we are,
You (and Roger) and I were all commonly bizarre.

Maybe that's why we became friends,
or maybe we were Retards who made sense.

I still remember the meals and coffee we had,
or how we used to drive our Maths teacher mad.

The lectures we used to skip,
and our friend, Abishek, whom we still miss.

There was Mrs. Atomic who taught Swahili,
And that Moral teacher who seemed rather girly.

The times when Roger got insane,
Or his theory and graphs about dames.

Two years and the memories were great,
and I love you guys more than what can be said.

So forgive me if some parts of this does not rhyme,
you see I didn't have much time.

So one day, when you're rich and making millions with your band,
don't forget me, Lucy, the girl who knows you're her bestest friend.

Love you, Kev.
Love you, Hamlet. You help keep me sane. (: