Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Exercise Your Right

As a former civics teacher, I have to say this: if you are eligible to vote, please do so in the coming general election.

Election is coming. Elect, don't just erect!

It is heartening indeed to go into school and see how excited my students are about the upcoming election, but it really is heartbreaking to hear that there are so many eligible voters out there who just don't care.

Don't you care about how your country is run? Have you never ever felt dissatisfaction over the way things are run? If you are perfectly content with the current state of affairs, then it is perfectly understandable that you remain politically neutral.

But the thing that irks me is that there are people who complain about the injustices committed by our government, but when the time comes for them to exercise their right to choose, they choose to abstain instead.

Just go vote la, arrgh!

I love and truly believe in my country, Malaysia. We have the best food in the region, we're blessed with so many historical and natural wonders, our lands are rich with natural resources, but corrupt politicians and general mismanagement have made our blessed nation far less than perfect.

If we don't do something - Samy, the eternal transport minister.

As Malaysians, it is our responsiblilty to both the people who have come before us, and to the generations after us, to vote for the party that can bring our country to greater heights. So, don't waste that vote of yours, lest it ends up voting for a darker future, without you even knowing about it.

Am I the only one who finds it weird (and irritating) that Barisan Nasional ads are EVERYWHERE, from the newspapers to the radios to even my MSN INBOX! YES, MY MSN INBOX IS NOT SPARED!

That adspace must have cost A LOT!

Where does Barisan get all this money to fund all these advertisements? Out of the taxpayers coffers? Guess we'll never know unless we make our voice heard.

Perhaps we need to do it like this?


Perhaps he's exactly what we need.