Saturday, March 01, 2008

A day out with dad.

Went out this afternoon with my cool dad. Guess what we did!'

Here's a clue 1!

Dad at the counter.

Clue 2: It can get noisy!

The Headquarters

We were at the national shooting range in Subang! We were there for a makan session with a friend of my father's and after having the delicious curry and steak pies prepared, we all decided to get some shooting done. Lock and load people!

As this was my first time shooting, we decided to use the .22 standard sports rifle. It's a pretty quiet and accurate gun with very little recoil.

Lock and load!

After getting our ammo and targets from the store, we were good to go! Dad was pretty good with the rifle and was really consistent with his shooting.

Dad taking aim.

Dad and I took turns shooting at the targets. We passed the rifle over every 5 shots.

Target practice (super tiny targets in the foreground).

Didn't do so well the first couple of tries but my accuracy steadily improved. After about 50 rounds, we were so tired with the standard targets we put up really tiny targets for more fun. We used bullet boxes, little rocks and mineral water bottles and lined them up at the 25m mark. It was so much more fun blowing off the bottle cap from a water bottle or blowing up a target which another shooter was aiming at! That was when things really started to get interesting!

Dad taking a shot at the 9mm bullet cartridges we set up. I got them in the end! (:

We really had a good time shooting today. Guess I'm really lucky to have such a cool dad, don't ya think? (: Thanks dad, I had good fun today! Just hoping that I can have a better idea of what I want to study in university soon.

Say hello to my (not so) little friend!