Monday, March 24, 2008

Legendary Art.

School is just plain tiring me out these days. It's not that school's really taxing - it's only a half day after all. It's just that filling out all those university and scholarship application forms are really taking a lot out of me. Also, the next Wira debate is only a week away!

Thank God that school ain't all work. Some things really make your day, like what I have to show you here today.

Well, as most of you know, I teach Art in DJ and I do get a lot of interesting art pieces every week. Nevertheless, some drawings just stand out.

Like this one.

Beautiful gun sketch from a form 1 student.

Yup, this gun was my No. 1 piece of legendary art for this year. Nice piece of sketching there! (: But today, I got a new piece of art which just blows that one away! And what's more amazing is that it's from a student of mine.

Here it comes (it's supposed to be a pencil sketch with emphasis on shading/shadows)!

Running man!

Yup, I was supposed to give this a score out of 33.33 marks. Guess how I looked when I tried to grade it? And yes, it's from a form 2 student from a good class.

Guess no more.

One stressed out art teacher.

See, your art teacher can draw too. And I probably put in more effort marking your paper than you did drawing it. -_-" Life ain't fair.

Well, at least some of my students really appreciate us. (:

Go DJ!