Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bubbly Anchor Updates

Will be updating in point form as I feel strangely incoherent for some strange reason. Feel really random at the moment for even stranger reasons. Maybe it's the time, or the fact that I have a hat on at the moment (will pass it back to you Roger!). Sadly, I'm no Cat-In-The-Hat able to spew lyrical genius of limerick after limerick. ):

So what have I been up to lately?

1. Been to a pool party organized by some of my students. Yes, a pool party, with Chong and Tysern, but we did not swim because we were too lazy (that's the official reason ya?). Hoped you guys enjoyed the drinks and always remember that you can call your teachers out anytime (are we cool or what?)!

The next great party will be at Chong's place. All students, you better make sure that you can make it when we begin handing out invitations! It will be a really grand event, all three of us guarantee you!

2. I watched Colbie Caillat perform live at the Curve! She really isn't half bad live and she entertained us for a good while with her popular songs like "Bubbly", "Realize" and some new songs like "Magic". Guess it was a really good deal to just be walking around in the Curve and to just happen to be there to watch her perform live like that. Guess it pays to live where the action is. (:

3. I've decided to put both my feet forward and try to get into the NUS law faculty by any means possible. Got a ton of applications to complete and I must so stop procrastinating and get them completed soon. I also have a few essays to write for scholarship applications. ): It's starting to feel a little bit like school all over again. I'm thankful that its finally clear what I want to study in university now. I just hope that with my 2 years of training and tutelage under the guidance of a qualified lawyer, I'll be able to pass the interview and entrance test to get in law school.

4. I'm helping out the DJ Wira debaters. Hope that my experience in Singapore has helped me become a better debater and I am able to help this year's Wira team make it all the way to win this year's Wira debate cup. Watch out, all other debate teams, Kevin Chan is here to make sure SMKDJ goes all the way to win this year!

5. Nuffnang pajama party later today! I'm so excited! Gonna take lotsa photos! *SMIRKS*


Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

wow... short form updates :) Was really nice meeting you at the party man. Hope we can meet again in the future and this time a longer conversation lol. All the best on the applications :) Enough determination will get you in

Kevin Chan said...

Meeting you was my pleasure! (: and you got that right when you say that we should meet up. Will definitely want to do that. (:
Will work on my applications and essays this few weeks 1st.
Take care girl!