Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thanks for the Victories (and Martinis).

Yay! There is reason to celebrate despite messing up my law application and suffering from sleep deprivation! With all our hard work, this year's Wira debate team made it through the preliminary rounds of the Wira debate and beat both SMK Tropicana and SMK Damansara Utama in one day!

*Grins* Finally got my revenge for that ill adjudicated debate all those years ago!


Gotta work even harder after the next motion is released to work our way all towards the finals of this year's Wira debate. I can confidently say that our chances to make it all the way this year are way better than the past few year's. Let's go all the way team! I'll be right behind you guys for any help and support you may need.

We gotta work real hard for the rest of the debate, and we're going to win this thing! We'll work real hard all the way into the night if we need to, just like a few hardworking teachers who work in school late into the night, in their pajamas!

We gotta work real hard next round, into the night if need be....

Well, it has been a long day and I really think that Pinkpau and so many other bloggers have already done a wonderful job reporting on the events of last Saturday's Nuffnang birthday bash so I'll just post the wonderful pictures that we took. [Read about Pinkpau's reporting HERE. Read about Ee Fei's reporting HERE. ]

The Nuffnang Nuffies!

The party started out really good, with Nuffnang Nuffies serving and registering us! They were composed of a French maid, a sexy nurse, a policewoman and a hot Japanese schoolgirl (not in picture). They really restored my faith in the beauty of Malaysian girls! Go Nuffies!

The interesting part is that the hot nurse happens to be a long lost friend of our dear Mr. Chuah. Well, if I had a hot nurse for a friend, I would be sure to keep her close to err... treat me? (:

There were also beauties from across the Causeway at the party. Talk about having the best of two world in one place!

Yes, that is Miss Dawn Yang right next to me. (:

Yeah, Dawn Yang, the Singaporean celebrity blogger that I use as an example when I discuss the wonders of cosmetic surgery with my kids, was there at the party too! Plastic surgery really does work, provided you want to achieve that doll look. (: Well, it does have its charms.

And now for the near-permanent resident of Singapore - Pinkpau!

Pinkpau with her Apey jammies.

I really must commend her on doing a wonderful job with organizing the games and activities we played that night. We could improve on the games next year by giving out more cameras and more T-shirts, Su Ann! *hint hint* (:

And of course, this being a Malaysian event, how can we forget Malaysia's top celebrity blogger?

Kenny Sia.

Yup, Kenny just flew in from Thailand and as exhausted as he was, he was extremely obliging and put on big grins whenever a blogger asked for his photograph. He's a really nice guy despite his celebrity blogger status.

Next up is a really nice girl I met on the Nuffnang network. She never fails to leave me wonderful and inspiring comments on my blog! It was just so nice to see her in person!

Presenting - Linora of www.aronil.com!

Hamlet's Hero meets aroniL!

We really must hang out sometime ya?

And then we have the person I have to blame for only making RM8.22 on Nuffnang after being a member since December, Timothy Tiah.

I have a perfectly good reason to have a sad face on. ): Pay me boss!

"I only made around RM5 in late February!"

"Chong Xian who just started blogging has been paid that amount each week (he just started less than a month ago and I get much more traffic than he does)!"

*Timothy chuckles*

Sometimes you just can't win.

But then again, EVERYBODY won at the Nuffnang birthday bash!

Yes, my favourite Malaysian Dreamgirl wannabe, Ringo from http://cheeserland.com, picked me out from the crowd to pose with her on stage. Needless to say I got a tiny bit overboard. Maybe that's why I'm not a model. (:

Me - the second Ringo

At least I won RM 200 worth of Wella hair products! (:

All in all it was an awesome, AWESOME party and I so want to go to the next one if Nuffnang organizes any more events like this in the future. Have the next one in Singapore and I'll be sure to pop right in too!

I was supposed to put up some more photos (roti lilit anyone?) but it's getting late already.

LONG LIVE NUFFNANG (just pay me a little bit more please? pretty please?)!