Monday, March 10, 2008

Of Psychedelic Nights and New Dawns.

Coming back from Singapore, so many things have changed - the opposition is now in control of 5 states; my A-level results are out and they are really such a relief; and I really have grown wiser and less naive when comes to matters concerning the heart.

I took a shotgun into Singapore (made to open my bag at customs)!

A letter to the opposition.
Dear Oppostion,

The people of Malaysia have really gone all out to vote you in this year despite all the dirty tricks and underhanded tactics by the ruling party this year and I really hope that you don't let us down.

I hope that you do something about the injustices in our judiciary system and that we find honest people who cannot be bought over by money to decide on who's right and wrong in our country. Then only can the truly corrupt and evil men can be brought to justice.

I hope that something can be done about bringing truly free press to Malaysia - a more objective media who tells the Rakyat all about both sides of the coin, allowing us to choose what we really want in our leaders.

I hope that our leaders realize that we Malaysians are now more aware about political issues and they stop taking us to be the ignorant masses that they think we are.

I hope that as this new dawn approaches for my dear country, Malaysia, things really improve for the better and we'll have a fairer country for all Malaysians, regardless of race or creed.
- Hamletshero
One thing I realized recently is that whenever I felt really down, my dearest friends were right there beside me, helping me go on. I guess that we have to go through bad times to really appreciate all that we have, like the people who really care about us. I really am so thankful.

Friends, can't do without them,

Life has gotta go on ya? Onwards towards greener pastures and of course the Nuffnang pajama party (thanks Pinkpau)!